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  1. Really...is there any need to be so defensive, so what if she was misinformed. We are all humans and her story wouldn't sway someone to have their band removed. It's a personal choice, just saying. I don't understand why people have to always starting conflicts. If you can't say anything nice, um keep it to yourself. Others really don't care to hear it. Rant over! No need to reply I could care less.
  2. After visiting my surgeon today for my consultation. He recommended the sleeve for me. Has anyone had the band converted to a sleeve or really know anything about it? Thanks
  3. t2dav


    The surgeon said that many WLS are beginning to phase the band out due to the addition maintenance and future surgeries required bc it is just plastic and it won't last forever. My insurance will only cover ONE surgery a lifetime so if it failed I'd be screwed...(his words not mine)
  4. I'm on my fifth month of pre-op dieting/nutritionist, as required by insurance, how bad is the pain after surgery and how long does it take to feel normal and be able to return to normal regiment? I guess I'm getting a lil nervous and cold feet.
  5. t2dav


    Ok, thank you all for the feed back!
  6. t2dav


    Will someone please explain the plication? I hear ppl talk about it and I'm due To have surgery in June and would like to know if this is something I should request. Thanks
  7. t2dav


    Wow!! That sounds wonderful!! Do all surgeons do this, Or do you have to seek a specialist?
  8. I am about to start on my 3rd month of the supervised diet and I wish it would hurry up I'm so ready to get banded!! Although I will say I'm learning a lot about restriction.
  9. t2dav

    I wish 6m would fly by!

    I notice that everyone is having their last appointment on their 6m, did you not have to technically go 7m to the nutritionalist?
  10. t2dav

    I wish 6m would fly by!

    My last appointment is June14! Maybe we all can stay in touch and with each other I'm trying to stay motivated but there are not any great educational classes in the area.
  11. t2dav

    No Exercise

    I'm no exercise guru but in order to get the procedure done I have been attempting to exercise and believe it or not A LOT if things count as exercise, not just the gym. Take for example bowling, swimming, and even cleaning house or working in the yard! So I started to focus on the things I like and increase intensity as I go
  12. t2dav

    Got approved

    Congrats to you both!!! How long did it take them to approve you?
  13. I'm not sure if I read the right one, it was by the huffington post. But I felt like it portrayed WLS in a negative light, by saying most people who receive surgery could end up as drug abusers and a percentage commit suicide... Very scary
  14. I recently just had my first appointment with the WLS center and they did my BMI 41.5. I was told insurance required 6m supervision of a diet plan but that my BMI had to stay above a 40. Now how can I be on a diet and not lose weight?! Did anyone else have this problem? I really want to get the band but I'm afraid if I stick to working out I will lose below a 40.
  15. t2dav

    Can you lose weight before WLS?

    Thanks you guys! Starting today I'm actually going to focus on trying to stick to my diet plan and really change the way I eat.
  16. t2dav

    6 month pre-op diet

    Please let me know how things go! I'm a very confused right now :-/
  17. t2dav

    Can you lose weight before WLS?

    Thanks Cassie. So did you lose weight? Did your bmi go below 40? Thanks for the encouragement. I really want to succeed and everything I have read your more successful if you do lose weight and diet before.
  18. t2dav

    6 month pre-op diet

    I was told I could not lose weight. I'm like you in my 3rd month of supervised plan so I'm confused.
  19. t2dav

    Need some feedback about a recent fill

    Maybe you could request he view your band under fluoro if your worried.
  20. t2dav

    Huntsville Area

    Crestwood is the hospital.
  21. t2dav

    Huntsville Area

    I'm thinking of Crestwood
  22. Tomorrow is my first appointment with the surgeon! Wish me luck, I hoping they say insurance will cover!
  23. I have chosen not to tell anyone except my husband. I recently had a co-worker that had the surgery and she only told our supervisor, well needless to say she should have posted it on a billboard! The supervisor (being over weight & miserable herself) undermined everything she lost with rude comments behind her back. It was the worse case of high school musical you have ever seen! She did great and lost a lot but no one backed her bc of rude comments made by our supervisor. Oh and thank goodness I had enough and quit!!
  24. Okay I'm still new to the site and I'm trying to gather all the info I can. Did anyone have significant hair loss/thinning? I have thick hair and the thought of losing it scares me! Thanks
  25. t2dav

    Hair loss?

    Hi lee, Oh my goodness! Now I'm worried again. Have you tried the Vitamins, shampoo, and/or shakes?