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  1. My go to is the pb m&m’s and I hate it! I’ve gained back 15 lbs in last year. Got to get back on track! A lot of good suggestions! Thanks Adust your Crown for putting that out there!
  2. Bama53


    Better to be safe. I would call Dr tomorrow. Good luck! Hope all is well! Let us know.
  3. I was 54 when i got mine last sept and lost 70 lbs in 9 mos. have not lost anymore in past 3 mos, but i know why. Have 40 left to lose, and will get there! Hang in there! Everyone is different! Talk to your surgeon about your concerns . They are there for you! Good luck! Keep us posted !
  4. I just turned 54 when i had mine done. I lost over 70 lbs in 9 months! I have 40 lbs to go! I feel sooooo much better.
  5. Bama53

    Gall stones and pancreatitis

    Was banded sept 2013 and gall bladder removed may14 . Would not have changed a thing
  6. Yep! I can eat my boiled egg one day and have to up chug it the next! I think it's because I eat too fast ! But warm tea is always good to calm things down.
  7. Bama53

    How much have you lost?

    Wow! I've list 70 and never realized how much weight that is till u posted. I pick one of those up at work to replace, never realizing 2 of those is what I've lost so far. WOW! Thank you! And Congrats!!!
  8. Bama53

    Is something wrong with my band?

    I had my gall bladder removed in May 2014 (Lapband in Sept13 and went for my f~up from surgery and there were 2 other people who were in waiting room talking about how they had Lapband surgery and had their gb removed.
  9. Thanks for sharing!!! Good luck:)
  10. Bama53

    Why cant i see my accomplishment?

    It seemed to take longer to lose those last few pounds to get to onederland, but I think it's because I wanted it so bad! So when I finally got there I sorta missed the excitement till now cuz in working for my next goal to be considered just overweight and no longer obese :! Hang in there !
  11. Bama53

    My plastics before and afters

    Wow! You look wonderful!
  12. Lol! Know what you mean!
  13. Bama53

    Quick Question.

    Been banded since sept 13. My last fill was 1st of April and I have gotten stuck and thrown up more than my lifetime. I feel that the band is doing its job. I know I have either eaten too fast, too big a bite and did not chew good. BTW....Congrats on your awesome weight loss! Great job!
  14. Bama53

    First "STUCK" RIGHT NOW!

    Personally for myself, when I get stuck and start sliming and the pain is almost unbearable, I go to the bathroom and get rid if it. It's usually just something small I did not chew good enough.
  15. I had my gall bladder removed last month by same surgeon who did my Lapband. He told my husband after surgery that it was full of stones and surprised I did not get removed sooner. I did not even know I had gallstones until I went to ER on april27th at 4am as I woke up with pain under my ribs on right side that got worse and I begin vomiting. I had this attack a few weeks before but thought it was diverticulitis. Stayed home from work that time on a heating pad and was sore a fed days. Got it removed May 8th and all is good:) good luck to you !!
  16. Bama53

    4th Fill

    Did you not ask your Doctor? Before my surgery I had to go thru a class with his nurse on the do's and dont's of Lapband and was also given written instructions about what I should eat after a fill.
  17. Bama53

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    You look great!
  18. Bama53

    The last Fill....

    Thank you!
  19. Bama53


    I am able to take mine with no problem. BP, cholesterol. I take one at a time with my coffee or water.
  20. Bama53

    One Year Bandiversary!142+lbs Gone!

    Omgosh! You look amazing!!! Thank you for sharing. Such an inspiration!
  21. Bama53

    PTO, vacation or leave?

    I had my surgery on Thursday and back to work on Monday. I took 2 pto days and requested 3 just in case. I have a desk job:) Good luck and congrats!!
  22. Bama53

    Lessons Learned

    I have a been a member here since Oct 2012 and banded in Sept 2013. This site has been a Great resource for me. From educational to inspirational. There are many things I have learned during the time since I was banded thru this website that I will always remember: 1) Everyone is different in so many ways. From how many cc's you need to get to your "sweet spot" to what "you" are able to tolerate". 2)Chew, chew, chew" and take "small bites. 3)Follow the instructions/directions of your Doctor, not someone else's. 4)When in doubt, call your Doctor. You can read other people's experience's with what they are feeling or have been through, but it comes down to #1. Good luck to everyone in their journey
  23. I was banded back in Sept 2013. After about 4 fills, I thought I was finally in the "green zone". I ate my measured 3 meals a day with no problems eating whatever I wanted, being sure to measure out my Protein, veggies, carbs. I would have a morning snack of almonds and an evening snack of my plain yogurt with almond butter and sweetener. But then I started eating a little more, not staying full as long. When I went back to my Surgeon the 1st of April and told him I wanted another adjustment, he had no problem with it, but did warn me that some people get to the point where they do get a fill, but wished they hadn't and may be harder for them to eat then they are accustomed to. Well, let me tell you, he hit the nail on the head!! Since that last fill, I have come to understand very clearly what pb and sliming means, not to mention all the times I have had to throw up just to get relief or almost not making it to the bathroom - at home, in restaurants and in the car, you name it. I do not want to get any unfill because I know what I am doing wrong and that the band is doing what it should. I know when I take small bites, chew my food at least 20-30 times each bite, take it slow an don't drink 20 mins before or after a meal I am fine. But the minute I try to eat too fast or take too big of bites (which has been my main problem) the band does it's job. I have forgotten the basics and have gone back to them. I Finally Understand my Lapband
  24. Bama53

    I finally understand!

    sorry! 1/2 c total each meal. I use can chicken and flavored tuna for my protein. 1/4 c of protein and then. 1/2 of 1/4 c of veggies and 1/2 oh 1/4c of carbs for a total of 1/2 cup for a meal. Hope that helps. Some surgeons say a cup ea meals , but my pouch only holds 1/2 cup at a time.
  25. Bama53

    I finally understand!

    Congrats on your weight loss. Great job!!!

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