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  1. BrittBrat87

    My Fitness Pal

    Add me Brittbrat150
  2. BrittBrat87


    Lol I know right we should have a meet n greet soon
  3. BrittBrat87


    Hi I'm in bama I got banded Oct 25 in mobile al by dr. Weinstein
  4. I was told not to drink more then 4 to 8 oz
  5. BrittBrat87

    October Bandsters?

    I had morphine also it was heaven I also got a shot of it b4 I left
  6. BrittBrat87

    October Bandsters?

    I had morphine also it was heaven lol I also get a shot b4 I left today
  7. BrittBrat87

    October Bandsters?

    I got a shower b4 I was discharged today they jus told dnt take my bandage off til mon n the other stuff comes off whn I go bk nov 6
  8. BrittBrat87

    October Bandsters?

    I'm sooo happy.. How about u? I jus got hme I had to stay ova night..
  9. BrittBrat87

    October Bandsters?

    Yea I had to stay da night
  10. BrittBrat87

    October Bandsters?

    I was banded today still at hospital bc I have to stay ova but everything went great n I'm feel pretty good wit des lovey drugs lol.. Oh my tummy isn't swollen like most ppl tummy b.
  11. I'm at da hospital now wait to b called to da bk to start gettin ready for my new best friend da band!!!
  12. BrittBrat87

    Surgery Today

    Thanks everyone I'm waitin to b rolled bk to surgery now
  13. BrittBrat87


    My surgery is tomorrow to I have to be there at 7am.. I wrk a 12 hours shift ova night also n I jus got off dis morning n cnt sleep at all ..
  14. BrittBrat87

    October Bandsters?

    My surgery is da 25th also
  15. BrittBrat87

    Scared Out Of My Mind!

    Go for it girl n jus do ur own pre op diet if u feel u need one..
  16. I'm sure its fine everybody is different.. My doctor told sme ppl lose 10-20lbs n sme only lose 5-8lbs it doesn't matter as long as u r losing smething.. I lost 5.2lbs n today is day4 for me u still have 7days so u never knw u may lose 5 to 10 more lbs jus hang in there..oh n my period is on also..
  17. BrittBrat87

    One Week Countdown :)

    Wow we have da same date I think u r da 4th person I knw with da 25th as there date
  18. Well today is my 1st day of pre op diet I'm doin pretty good so far.I only had one shake it was ok but I think Ima have to find another kind mayb vanilla r smething.. Hope I make it through the rest of day!!!
  19. BrittBrat87

    1St Day Of Pre-Op Diet

    jus got bk frm walmart I got the cafe caramel one I think i will like it better then the mocha
  20. BrittBrat87

    1St Day Of Pre-Op Diet

    I will i need to go to walmart n pick up sme more

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