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  1. need2bsleeved

    Sept 11Th?

    I am also scheduled tomorrow - for a revision. Have had the band for a little over a year now and want it removed and sleeved. However, I'm really nervous because my surgeon said if there's too much scar tissue I will have to wait, possibly a year before being sleeved. The band would be removed, but I would have no restriction for a year! YIKES! Praying the scar tissue is minimal and the sleeve is possible.
  2. Am a revision and have had the band since June 2011. It has slipped so I am having it removed and sleeved at the same time. New to this and quite nervous about surgery next week. I chose to tell only a few select people. My husband and daughters.... I am going for pre-op tomorrow.
  3. need2bsleeved

    September 11Th Kaiser - Dr. Zane

    Oh congratulations! Where are you having your surgery? Had pre-ops today and met with my doctor. I am a revision and he did say that if the scar tissue is really bad, he would remove the band, but I would have to wait a year to be sleeved. Hoping and praying everything is good and I will come out of surgery bandless, portless, and sleeved! Sunnymama10, are you on a pre-op diet? I was told to continue normal eating until 24 hours prior to surgery. Then it is full liquids and then nothing to eat or drink after midnight.
  4. need2bsleeved

    September 11Th Kaiser - Dr. Zane

    ForMyGirls, have you Started the pre-op diet yet? I am checking with my doctor tomorrow just to be sure, but he did say it isn't necessary until the day before... I am excited but nervous. I have a low BMI and since unfilling my band I have gained 5 lbs, but definitely watching what I eat. Are you a revision, too? Trying to get everything ready for the days following surgery. I have been super tired lately. Probably from lack of sleep as I am pretty nervous... I'm excited that we will be sleeved on the same day!

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