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  1. I've been offline for a very long time... Just wanted a few lovely guys and gals to know that I'm checking up on them. And, for the most part, it sounds like everyone is doing very well! Congrats! xoxo

    1. ☠carolinagirl☠


      Happy New Year LIVE.....miss seeing you

  2. 3 months ago I had a complete unfill. Today I am 20 lbs heavier. :?

  3. LiveStrong41

    Our journey never ends....

    I'm so sorry. My heart hurts for you and your family. God give you strength. <3
  4. Thanks everybody. I had my complete unfill today and I feel MUCH better. But, it's going to be a real challenge for the next couple months. :/

  5. Thursday I go in for a complete unfill! I pray i feel better but im so scared ill gain weight. :( Please send your positive vibes my way. I've worked so hard - i just cant imagine my life fat again. :/

  6. Thursday I go in for a complete unfill! I pray i feel better but im so scared ill gain weight. :( Please send your positive vibes my way. I've worked so hard - i just cant imagine my life fat again. :/

  7. In a little over a month it will be my 1 year banniversary...

  8. LiveStrong41

    Soapbox Alert

    I LOVE THIS POST! I completely agree. Infact, I love you. lol!
  9. I don't get online nearly as often as I should. But it's nice to see that so many of my lapband friends are doing well!!

  10. LiveStrong41

    Living with the band is like being in a marriage or relationship

    Great post! I'm glad I stopped by... I, too, needed to see this!
  11. LiveStrong41

    Easy Breezy....

  12. Ugh! This last 10 lbs. (now 15, as of this week!!) is killing me! :(

  13. I'm feeling optimistic again!! I can actually see muscle defintion... and my "finish line" is in sight! :)

  14. Eating too many sweets!! Up 2 lbs. this week. :(

  15. I'm only about 15 lbs. away from goal!! I might revisit my "goal" weight after I reach it, but for now... it's terribly exciting to think about!! :)

  16. LiveStrong41

    Rant and Rave

    Fantastic post!! I love you. lol! I can relate... completely! Continued success and best wishes.
  17. I haven't been very active on Lapband lately, but I'm still checking in now and again. Looks like my friends are all still making remarkable progress!! :)

  18. Today was my first day training for a 5K! Pretty exciting stuff. :)

  19. LiveStrong41

    Bad Night. feeling down doesnt begin to cover it..

    At 21 you are a lot stronger than most! I would have been crushed and that event would have fueled my depression and eating, but not you!! Girl, you sound like you're going to do just fine with this process. I know most of us have all been wounded by hurtful words, but like Dee said, you will be that much more experienced and thoughtful when it's your time to lend support. Heck, you're in the postion to lend support now... just talking about your evening certainly sparked my fire! We should consider ourselves very lucky -our surgery will help us become our better selves, but being an ugly, ignorant, and cruel person on the inside is inoperable!
  20. 5 lb. loss this week!!! I knew I was feeling thinner! I've reached a very important goal for me...

  21. LiveStrong41

    when I was fat

    This is beautiful! I think people do treat us differently when we're obese. However, in fairness, I treated myself differently too. The changes and transformation from losing excess weight are almost amazing... sooo many nsv that make us stronger and better. Congratulations Dee! ♥
  22. LiveStrong41

    Shake the Sheets

    That's adorable!!!!
  23. LiveStrong41

    So now I'm gonna be rude

    "That is why people end up having such a lonely life because they think too much about how other people are when in all reality what you are thinking is farther from the truth." This is so true! I always try to tell myself, "nah, that person couldn't possibly be that rude." Of course it helps that I live in my own delusional world. lol. p.s. I'm with Domika... I love that you teach nutrition classes!!
  24. LiveStrong41

    This is for the ladies who are banded?

    Yep, me too. The first time I got really tight I was like, "oh, this is a new feeling... not liking this at all!" ha. I noticed that I have a MUCH more difficult time with the band during my time of month and if I am sick.
  25. LiveStrong41


    Thanks for the update. Great news! Have a great appointment on Tuesday... life is good!