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    Help Please

    i had my lapband in 2011, lost all my weight. i had to have it defilled for various reasons and i have had various fills but its not worked and ive gained all my weight back again. does anything think it is best me having a fill under XRAY to see what is going on? thanks sade
  2. sade

    Help Please

    can anyone help? please
  3. advice please: I am booked for an xray and to see dr chris on 11 october, but in total the whole day will cost me £200. I am struggling for money. I have been told by my GP I have a Vitamin deficiency of folic acid and I am on medication for it. Do you think I am better off going on the 11 October or waiting til January. something tells me i should go but it is just the money problem. I can get the money but I would struggle. sorry if this sounds complicated, any advice would be great. thanks
  4. thanks clarie and cadence
  5. Thanks for responding Claire. I was a size 18-20 when I started and now I am a size 10-12. I honestly think I look good but could do with some major toning up. Now I have 5mil in 7mil band I am determined not to over eat. I am going to start exercising again and think I will gain weight at first but I need to tone up my flabby body. It is going to be a good hard few weeks as I have no restriction, will be going back on to food and exercising but I will persevere. I would love to be 9 stone by the new year. I think my mum is worried and she does not agree with the band. I think you are right I do need to remember why I got this band. I got this band as I was sick of being fat and I had shortness of breath and constant heartburn and I don't have it any more. Thanks for your support, you are a great advocate for the band. I had a defil and would I be ok to have a fill in 5 weeks?
  6. Hello Everyone, I would like some support from people here as I don't have any in my home life. I had an emergency defil and now have 5cc in 7cc band. I had 2cc took out as my band was too tight and when I came out of hospital I was faced with my brother's girlfriend saying 'you brought this on yourself and you do silly things'. I told her to 'mind her own ******* business and if she comes in our house she should start to show me some respect' She has since apologised for what she has said, but I am not interested she apologised to my face and then sent me a text saying sorry but she thinks I need therapy to look at my eating, I mean I have not done too badly and weight 9st 8. I do sometimes revert back to my old eating habits but I am far from perfect. Because of what she said it caused a big family row and she ended up crying and then my parents feel sorry for her, trying to welcome her - which pisses me off. Can anyone give me advice on how they handled such situations, my mum is miserable and does not like the idea of the band. any advice anyone? Much appreciated.
  7. Pearce OMG, How long was you banded for? Would you want another band again??
  8. Pearce I am not sure what to suggest, but why don't you book an appointment with Dr Chris?? And then he'll advise you from there. I hope all is well. Sade
  9. I suppose we have all jumped on the band wagon, but when it is us who are the target it does not feel nice. I am 5ft and I want to get to 9stone, as I am bottom heavy I will be a 10 on top and a 12 on the bottom. I have big legs and bum, it's so annoying. I am now 10st 5.5, it depends on how much your daughter weighs, how much does she weigh now? and what wait does she want to get to be a size 6/8? As a 5ft person whose 27, I would not want to be a size 6/8, I think i would look ill. I don't think my body would allow me to get so skinny, the most I would probably go to is 8st 7 which I have not been since I was 16 years old, I think I would be an 8(top) and 10 (bottom).
  10. Oh so you have 2 daughters who are banded, a family full of bandsters. Freckles- Oh so you have a daughter who was banded at a size 12/14, last October, that' good she has got to her goal weight/size. It must be so refreshing for your daughter, having a supportive mum, my mum wishes she could turn back time and I never had the band. She is miserable though. I was banded at a size 18/20 with a bmi of 35.5, some of the other people thought I did not need the band, you know what people are like, always shoving their noses in. I am happy with my decision I am a size 14, a big one though. So your other daughter who had the band who had a miscarriage (sorry for your loss) had the band, how is she getting on?? before being pregnant. I can't wait to be 9stone, and be a size 10/12. How long did it take for you youngest daughter to hit her goal?
  11. Hello, 1. I can only vouch for myself, that the band is currently working for me. I am sure there are statistics some where, that measures how effective the band is in the long term. I have heard of the band not working, some are due to surgical complications but I think after they fixed, people tend to be ok. I have also heard of people not working with the band and gaining weight with the band, as they eat slidder foods such as high calorie milkshakes, chocolate etc. 2. Complications are obviously death, slippage - I think you should google them. I have to thank God for not having any complications. 3. I had to take of 14 days from work and my job is an office job. I mean I was so much pain, I instantly regretted the surgery. 4. I was banded 11. Jan. I have lost uptodate 35.5 pounds, so that is roughly 6 months, but I only have 56 pounds (4 stones) to loose in total. Yes, you do have to work with the band, it is not easy. The band does not tend to work for the first few months, as you don't have restriction. But as you get your fills, it starts to work properly. I am glad I had it done, but I do always hope that I don't have any problems with it. Anything else you want to ask, then let me know.
  12. hello, i was there until 12:30 so no I never saw your daughter. I actually thought i'd met you, but then I think the woman said she was banded last december, and i thought no that can't be you. I meet some interesting people, how is your daughter getting on?
  13. freckles was you there on thursday??
  14. I am also lacking motivation and I have eaten so much crap in the past few days. I have 6cc in 7 band, I think I might go for another fill and have .5 put in. I really want to get to goal the latest by December 2011. Anyone got any advice for people that are lacking motivation??
  15. you are all doing so well
  16. Congrats Scooby Do, Having restriction makes all the difference, my fitness has also increased. I was always out of breath and suffered from constant heart burn, but that's all changed now and my fitness levels have improved.
  17. my ticker will not work for some reason.
  18. anyone having a fill in London this thursday? 7 april
  19. lol that's my goal size 10 (top) and 12 (bottom) due to the way i am shaped.
  20. i had my first fill yesterday, and oh my gosh, all ive had is yogurts and liquids and i know that my band is bloody tight, i've booked in for a 2nd fill next month, but for now, i do not know how i am going to eat, i almost feel scared, :-( any advice anyone.
  21. lol thanks for your advice, i a not sure what size band i have as dr chris says i have a 7ml and freddy says i have 10ml - i just want the truth. it'll help me work out, how much i should have in my band.
  22. thanks claire, i think it'll depend on the level of restriction i have, i jus don't want to get out there and my band is tight and i can not even drink, as the person i am going with does not know i have a band, and i dont really want them to know. i'll have to judge it and seek advice from fredreick in febuary or closer to the time.
  23. i hope i have restriction like that after my first fill, can't afford to be going back and forth every two minutes and paying out £90 as i am giong to have it emptied in august as i am going on holiday to america.

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