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  1. Well I had my sleeve done on 9/20/12; now I’m awaiting approval from United Healthcare Choice Plus for revision surgery. Why? Severe acid reflux which I never had prior to my sleeve. I’ve also gained back about 55 lbs. I know I just can’t continue waking up w acid coming from my nose any longer. Every day is the same. I try to stay away from trigger foods but that doesn’t stop the reflux issues as I can drink water and have problems now. My hubby is more worried about the revision than I am at this point. I just want to be done w the reflux. I’m going for the cardio test while I await the 15-30 day approval process. I haven’t been on here in a long time...I’m back 😉. Now I’m just looking up videos and trying to soak up all the knowledge while I wait. Fingers crossed for a fast approval.
  2. I’m 9 days PostOp and today I can finally say I definitely feel better. The first few days were really rough. Nothing like what I had experienced with the sleeve...that was a breeze in comparison because I this time around the gas pain hit my back. I already had back issues and adding gas pain to the mix did me in. The pain pills won’t work for gas pain so all I could take was GasX which didn’t last long. Sleeping on my back for a long period of time at time is still a challenge since I’m a side sleeper. But the Dr prescribed me some Ambien which has helped. But most importantly I have No Acid Reflux!!! I’m happy.
  3. Nacol

    June 2020 surgeries

    Mine is scheduled for June 22; I’m ready.
  4. So I was originally going to have an EGD w Bravo before the revision surgery but plans have since changed. I’m wondering how many or if anyone else had the EGD/hernia repair (possibly) done at the same time as the surgery. The reason my plans changed was because the hospital had a major screw up w my IV placement on the day I was supposed to get the EGD; the team had a very hard time finding my veins because they are so small. Yes, I drank water the day before but that did not help. They put the IV in thinking they found my vein but turns out they were wrong; I think the line moved or something because I could feel some of the anesthesia but not enough to knock me out in the operating room. Long story short the surgeon called it off; the team basically turned me into a pin cushion and my arm was swollen because more fluids got into the tissue. So to get to my question, anyone had the EGD at the same time of the revision? If so, how did it go?
  5. Well I just got done with the Frontera cardiac clearance. Now I wait the customary 2-3 days for the results. I admit I was nervous because I didn’t have this requirement 8 years ago. It took approximately 1.5 hours for the entire thing. Started with the Ultrasound EKG which included looking at the veins in both legs; this took an hour. They took a resting benchmark for the breathing exercises along with checking my blood pressure. Then I had to do these breathing exercises into a tube which recorded the results; I spent roughly 5 minutes on the exercise bike at 60rpm and then 90rpms (the bike was nothing to worry about at all). Ended w another check of my resting breathing after the bike. Just thought I would share the experience. The techs were very good at explaining everything.
  6. Good luck tomorrow...Sleeve life here ya come!
  7. Nacol

    Pouch test

    I haven’t done the test but I can answer yes to some of the signs
  8. I forgot to ask but this is my first time having to undergo a cardio clearance. I’m told I just have to ride a bike for that clearance. Anyone who has been through this clearance... please share your experience. I don’t really know what to expect for it.
  9. Nacol

    Revision - 4 Weeks In

    Thanks for sharing as I am now awaiting insurance approval for the Bypass. I’m a fellow sleever too; I know the sleeve works but had I really understood the chances of getting acid reflux the first time I think I probably would have just got the bypass. I have regained about 55 lbs but life ya know. I finally made an appointment to see a Bariatric Dr in March who told me my options for getting rid of the reflux. Water is a trigger for me at this point...yeah I’m ready to try something else now.
  10. Nacol

    May 2020 Vets Roll call!

    I’m here!
  11. Nacol

    So mad at myself for regain

    I too am upset with myself after 8 years being sleeved, I’ve gained back about 55 lbs. However I remember I lost 120 lbs and I’m not putting on anymore. I have suffered w acid reflux from the sleeve and now awaiting approval for a revision. Hang in there....time for us to focus. To remember the why I have a pic of me at my highest weight.
  12. Nacol

    What's Your Favorite Store Now?

    Macys, Body Central...
  13. Nacol

    African American Sleevers

    Just be confident you made the right decision. I wish I had done it sooner. Im healthier n so happy, energized. You can do it!
  14. Well, it's been an ok week for me. I started the C25K this week. Looks like I had a slight loss but no worries as I am really trying to work on my muscles to combat the bat wings!
  15. You guys look wonderful!
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    From the album: b4 and AftaAfta

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    b4 and AftaAfta

  18. Nacol

    Me At Galveston Port

    From the album: b4 and AftaAfta

    Going on a cruise 3 months after surgery...
  19. I wish I knew how to update the Before/After under my profile...
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    Cop Take2

    From the album: b4 and AftaAfta

    Halloweeen Cruise pic...BEFORE
  21. Greek yogurt...decaf coffee...oatmeal...scrambled eggs w turkey bacon...McGreenie ( egg white on toast w cheese n ham).
  22. Finally broke that darn 3 week stall And got a NSV: I'm in size 8 jeans and got in a size S dress!

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