It occurs to me that not all of us are foodies, born with an innate desire to cook and try new recipes! Many of us got to the morbidly obese ball by eating fast food from drive thrus, or delivery meals. Still others shop in the frozen pre-made food isle and love Stouffer's Mac n cheese and Stouffer's Lasagna, and Banquet Fried chicken entrees! Many of us, have very limited ability (especially in the early days of weight loss) to stand up while preparing food. And, then too--many of us are on either fixed incomes or have very limited money for food--even though we might have been guilty pre-surgery of buying tons of craptastic food from the grocery store. So shew! Long-winded! Let's use this thread to link to and discuss different options in our stores where we can get healthy pre-cooked meals or meals that are prepared and only need to go into the oven for 20 or so minutes! The cool thing about it is, even in the early days, many of us will get 2-3 servings from a single meal! So we will still be saving $$$$ over the drive through and copious volumes of quick fix crap food! PLEASE for God's sake!!! Read the previous entries!! We don't want a billion posts about rotisserie chicken! One will suffice! Let's try NOT to duplicate! When possible, link to specific items from your favorite grocery, so people can see what it is your linking to!!! OK go!!!