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Durrr, I can't believe I didn't ask my nurse or doctor about this! I should have. I figured I'd wait and see how I felt for some solo play before I moved on to a partner, since I want to see how all the new plumbing works. Its good to hear other's stories!

As for J.J.'s comment, well, I've been known to do the same to my men. On special occasions, when they ask nicely. We're all a little different when it comes to sex. :-D

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Hey Wendy:

Good for you too! I know that I thoroughly enjoy kissing my wife anywhere (and I mean anywhere!) my lips and tongue can reach. We are both uninhibited and the way we interact is mutual.

I am grateful for my wife and all the intimacy we share.

I regret that I offended some of you... but my wife and I both discovered, unexpectedly, a way to enhance our intimacy as a result of the bariatric surgery process. Just wanted to pass it along.

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Dang! J.J. you need to write a step by step instruction manual for men titled " How to Blow Your Woman's Mind." :laugh:

Oh my goodness! I bet your wife is a happy woman. :cursing::rolleyes2::tt1:

As far as the ones that may have been offended...Oh well! They'll get over it. :lol:

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    • UniquelyMe28

      I hit my stall ALREADY 🤷🏽‍♀️ been at 300 for almost a week. I’m not worried about it though, because I know that my body is healing. I’m not in a rush, I loss 30 pounds since surgery which was 3 weeks ago. I’m just going with the flow and staying positive. 😁
      · 1 reply
      1. kimdlawson06

        It's very common. Give your body a chance to "catch up" with its new reality and the weight loss will start again. Hang in there, I know it can be frustrating!

    • Meganator

      First Orangetheory class back after surgery! #347 for me. Determined to take things easy- especially those ab exercises. Looking forward to hitting #350 this week.
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    • tcrehm

      How do I delete my account on here?
      · 1 reply
      1. SleeverSk

        Hi, I have been having a look around the site, I cant find anywhere that you can delete your account yourself, However in the rules it indicates that staff can delete accounts so maybe use the "contact us" tab at the very bottom of the page and ask for assistance there.

    • UniquelyMe28

      I loss 19 pounds my first 7 days post op 🙌🏽 (Water weight or real weight.. weight is weight to me.. I’ll take it lol) I make sure I keep my water with me 24.7 and I walk every chance I get. I cook dinner for my kids with no problems. I have zero cravings!  By next week I should be in the 200’s. Haven’t been there since high school 🥲
      · 2 replies
      1. MiaPie

        I had my surgery 11/17 and hit 299 this morning! :) Rooting for you!

      2. UniquelyMe28

        Congrats I’m at 289 now. Its a wonderful feeling, right!?

    • EricLB300BC

      Well, starting day 2 after surgery. Felling hunger pains again this morning and nausea, no vomiting. I think the hunger pains are coming from my stomach and not my pouch. Think I will call their hotline and speak with them about it. It is not terribly bad but it is uncomfortable. I do not regret getting the surgery though. I expected some discomfort right after, I just didn't expect the hunger pains.
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