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Band removal due to hiatal hernia & reflux

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Hi Ladies! Like Julie, I found out my band was causing Esophageal Spasms, due to slippage...after only 8 months! I went to the GI Doctor on Fri March 2nd & my bariatric doctor told me to report to the ER the next day for removal. I'm so glad I did my research & had an EXCELLENT doctor...Dr. Michael Williams in Alpharetta!!! He believed me & even encouraged me beyond the band. He asked if I wanted another procedure & I said "absolutely not!" I'm 3 weeks post lapband today 3/24 and I have lost more weight post lapband, than with the band. After 8 months, I had only lost 11 lbs, but since the surgery I am down about 20 lbs. I'm using the food & shake program at Dramatic Weightloss in Atlanta, GA and it is awesome, but you must follow it perfectly (www.dramaticweightloss.com). Getting the band removed was the best choice ever...trust your spirit/instinct!

Good luck to all!

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    • MindyG81

      New here! Looking for new friends! Surgery is 2-15-23
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      1. deandre.adamson@langston.edu

        Howdy MindyG81 how are you today?

    • TakinThePlunge

      WOW by the Grace of God 17 years ago I went to Mexico and had a lap band put on for weight loss and my waist was 64 inches and That’s more than 5 foot around and 18 stone  my weight was 375 pounds. Today I went shopping for not sweats and I succeeded. I found pants and a shirt at an awesome price at Burlington by the way. But the real story here is, today. My waist is 45 inches and my weight is 260. Both incredible numbers but think about this. My waist is almost 20 inches smaller around Wow that’s a brain wrecker.  Still, I love my band  I even celebrate it’s birthday 10-26-06 FYI-it’s kind of like choking yourself, and never letting go. And trying to eat. lol Life is good 
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    • HeidiNSydneyAus

      Hi all! I’m Heidi, a Canadian ex-Pat living in Sydney, Australia. I’m doing this surgery because my mom died 10 years ago from obesity, she lived her own 600lbs life.  So at 116kg, it’s time to make sure my daughters don’t lose their mom to obesity.

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    • rolawre

      Good evening all...how was your endoscopy? 
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    • ynotiniowa

      4 days to go till my gastric bypass surgery!!!! 
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