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Gastrogastric Fistula Repair

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Hello everyone! I’m new here but thankful for a “message board” type community as that’s what I’m used to.

I’m somewhat unfamiliar with how to search the forum and the general rules so forgive me if this has been asked/talked about before and if “double posting” is frowned upon, but I am looking to potentially connect with people who can relate.

Has anyone here been diagnosed with a post-operative gastrogastric fistula that they have had to have surgically repaired?

I underwent RNY in April 2007 at the tender age of seventeen (long story) and was diagnosed with the fistula in 2009. There’s another long story about why it has yet to be repaired (mostly due to insurance and insurance laws changing, my own life circumstances, and lack of severe symptoms), but I’ve just recently met with a surgeon regarding it and will more than likely be having that corrective surgery this year.

It would be nice to talk to other people who have been through it. Even in the “WLS Community” it seems to be pretty rare.

Thanks in advance!

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