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I found THE BEST appetite suppressant

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As many of you know, I never lost my hunger. From day 1 I still had it. And it's made this journey harder than it needed to be. I tried a few different appetite suppressants and they did nothing at all for me. 2 weeks ago, I found one called PhenQ. I read the reviews and the ingredients and really liked how it sounded, so I bought it. I got it a week ago and have been using it everyday, and FINALLY I can say I have absolutely NO hunger!!!

I set alarms to remind me to eat, and it's amazing. It speeds up my metabolism, burns fat, and REALLY kills my appetite. I have zero cravings, zero hunger. There's a day and a night version, and I bought both. So here's how it works:

I take one pill in the morning with Breakfast (about 7:30am). I totally skip the first snack of the day because I have no hunger at all. About 4 1/2 hours after breakfast, I take the 2nd daytime pill with lunch (around noon). I skip my 2nd snack because again, no hunger at all. Then I have dinner around 5 or 5:30pm. Normally around 8:30pm or so I'm getting a bit hungry, but I take the 2 pills at night around 8pm and I'm not hungry at all for the rest of the night. I honestly don't even think about food, and I would forget to eat if I didn't have the alarms set. And that's what I wanted.

I take in about 1300 - 1350 calories per day and I work out 6 days per week for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours each day. On the day I don't work out, I take in around 1000-1100 calories. 4 days per week I do cardio and 2 days per week I do weight training.

I have never felt better or been happier, and I'm now about 1-2 weeks away from moving into size 18/20 clothes!!!! If I decide one day that I want a snack, I will have it. But having it be a choice versus always feeling hungry is what I always wanted. And now I finally have it.

I was also doing strict Keto, but decided to move to low carb versus keto. I have a carb blocker I take with my meal that is the most carb heavy (either breakfast or dinner, depending on what I have). It's called Carb Catcher by 310 Nutrition. Those, my Multi-Vitamin, my Biotin, my collagen powder, my soluble Fiber powder, my digestive enzyme with pre and pro-biotics pill, and my MS meds are all I take now. I drink my greens everyday and I eat well. And I have to say, I feel "normal" for the first time is decades. Healthy, active, and normal.

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I so glad you found something that works for you and that you are happier and more in control. Sounds like its a wonderful find and thank you for sharing!

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that’s great you found something that helps out!!! keep up the amazing work

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Thank you :)

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