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Is protein over-rated? Am I being misled?

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12/20/2021 02:21 AM, imgoincrazy said:

Thank you all for the thought out replies, I truly appreciate it.

I understand that I shouldn't have taken the cheap route, but I didn't have 25k laying around to get the surgery done in the U.S.

With that said, I talked to a few friends who used the same surgeon within the last year or so and they all said great things about him and they averaged close to 1 pounds lost per day for the first 60 days. That definitely was what lured me in since I've been trying to lose weight for almost a decade now and I always rebound.

For the record, I don't have heartburn. He just prescribed it to me "in case" I get heartburn in the morning or at night. It's just a preventative.

My second phase is week 3 and 4, and it involves a "Full fluid" diet; basically a clear liquid diet but I do get to have some other things like sugar substitutes, fat free yoghurt, fat free custard, and fat free creamy Soups (no chunks).

I also got a visit from him and the nutritionist post-op where they explained what kind of lifestyle changes I have to make now that it's done (chewing a lot, exercice more regularly, Portion Control, etc.) so it's not like they're completely irresponsible; it's just that they don't see it as a major op and told me that as long as I don't cheat and follow through with all phases, I would be good. It's easy for us Americans to judge their actions, but at the end of the day I did it in a country where the medical field is more advanced than what we have and I truly believe that we make it difficult because insurance companies wanna bill you the most for everything and obesity + overconsumption is seen as benefitial to the economy.

Pureed food is for week 5 and 6. This is where I get to have some Protein, 45-50grams a day split up between 6 small meals(1 boiled egg, 1 cup of fat free milk, 30grams of soft cheese or low fat cheese, 1 can of tuna in Water drained).

Weeks 7 and 8 is soft foods and then after 2 months its solid foods but maximum of 8 spoonfuls per meal.

I guess I should just go ahead and say that I did it in Israel, so if you have any doubts on the quality of healthcare over there; know that it's in the top 10 whereas the US is in the bottom 48.

I hope this works out well, will keep you updated!

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I understand you have to do what you have to do. I didn’t have 25k laying around either. Believe it or not. Lol!!!!

I only had to be on the clear liquid diet for 2 days. The day before the surgery. No food or drink the day of the surgery. Clear liquid the day after surgery. I started my full liquid diet when I got home.
Week 1 - full liquid
Week 2-3 - pureed (protein shake for at least one meal or snack)
Week 4 - soft foods (1 Protein Shake per day)
This is for RYN.

Every surgery is different though. Each center has their own post-op instructions. I can share mine with you if you would like. It gives tips on what to and not to eat. Even warns against raw fruit and veggies for a specific time.

Not at all bashing your decision. I’m sorry if it came off that way. I just know my surgery center is AMAZING. I didn’t want people to get the impression that their aren’t good centers in the US. You got to do what you got to do. Just pointing out the difference in patient preparation and post op care.
I guess it’s unfair for me to just say abroad. There are people in the US who still don’t get the type of prep and post op care that I received. My surgery was done through the #1 hospital in my state.
I went through my insurance. I barely made the cut, but I made it. I’m 5’6” and was 276 pounds. I had Aetna and I found one of their “Centers of Excellence.” Thus why my surgery was through the #1 hospital in my state. I have spoken to other people who have had the surgery in the US and they didn’t receive the type of preparation and care that I receive. So I guess it all depends on where you go. US or abroad. There are some amazing hospitals in the US just takes some researching.

I’m glad you had a good outcome overall. Now that I think about it obesity isn’t as big as a problem in other countries as it is in America. There’s no doubt that their surgical skills are superior, but the challenge really begins post op. It’s good there are forums, support groups, and good old google, so you can get more information.

Sending love and blessings your way.
And yes, please keep us updated.

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Alright, I think it's time for an update.

I caught a cold on the 28th and it's beating me up.

I haven't been able to leave the house because everything makes me dry heave / gag. I can't drink anything but Water and yoghurt now, can't really handle the fruit juice anymore. I developed oral thrush and was prescribed pills and a gel, I can't really do the gel because as soon as it touches my tongue I start dry heaving violently. I started feeling a little better on the 1st but things took a turn the next day.

I felt some pain on the side of my throat and got it checked out, turns out it's tonsillitis. It makes sneezing and coughing a real pain now. On top of that, I developed bronchitis 2 days ago that just keeps getting worse.

I can't sleep much anymore. I'm drinking 1.8L to 2.1L of liquids a day but I still wake up every 45mins to an hour because of how dry my mouth gets.

Has anyone experienced or heard of someone that experienced a bad cold that led to more complications so soon after a sleeve?

Genuinely worried now, been in bed for 5 days. I can walk around the house but I get short of breath pretty fast and start getting nauseous.

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My hope is that you’re being knocked about at the moment with the cold, thrush & now tonsillitis not because of the surgery as such but because you’re run down & your immune system is struggling. You’ve had pretty major surgery & aren’t eating much so your body is stressed trying to recover & heal from the surgery & from the reduced caloric intake. It’s natural post surgery to feel run down, tired & have reduced energy. It’s just left you open to catching every bug going & taking longer to recover from them. Well, as I said, that’s what I hope.

Watch the yoghurt with the oral thrush & cold. Dairy tends to produce more phlegm & yoghurt that contains sugar feeds the thrush (look for plain Greek yoghurt). The phlegm is probably adding to your nausea too as it settles on your tummy.

Try some Biotene dry mouth products - mouth wash, mouth spray, etc . to help with the dry mouth.

Can’t you tolerate chicken Soup or broth? There’s a reason it was always offered to those who are sick. It’s full of essential nutrients, Vitamins & minerals, hydrates, is warming (& low calorie).

Feel better soon.

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