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Weight Loss before Surgery?

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I just joined this group today as I know that I will be having my surgery at any point after my psychological evaluation which is Dec 6th. My insurance is state Medicaid, so I had to do the 6 months process and I finished my last nutrition visit last month. I was told to lose up to 5% of my weight, and to be honest, it's been super hard to do that. My weight keeps fluctuating and I'm afraid that I won't be able to lose the weight in time. Has anybody experienced this, but were able to lose weight with their pre op diet and was able to get the surgery? I'm hoping that the pre op diet will be my savior to getting me down to the weight they want me to be before surgery. I've heard of stories where people couldn't get their surgery date because they weren't at the weight they needed to be in order to get the surgery. Help!

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I don't have Medicaid and went through Blue Cross, but I actually gained a small amount of weight during the phase leading up (5 lbs or so). However, during the pre-op liver shrink diet, it is virtually impossible to not lose weight. I lost 20 pounds in three weeks. If I had shown up and gained weight or maintained after I was supposed to be on that pre-op diet, I'm sure they would've turned me away, because it would've been clear that I hadn't done the surgery preparation without even seeing my liver.

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      2. Wonderkind

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