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Feeling awful 6 weeks post op!

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I feel really defeated and upset. Sorry this is gonna be a negative post but I dont know what to do anymore.

I had my surgery (vsg) September 28th (in another post I mixed up September and October) and recovered very well, very fast. Hardly any gas pain, no incisional pain and so far no vomiting. As thankful as I am about all that that pretty much sums up all the good things there are.

First of I’m hungry ALL THE TIME!! In fact my cravings have never been this bad. I think about food 24/7!! Then the moment I smell food or prepare food my hunger vanishes and gets replaced by feeling incredibly nauseous. I can only eat something once then it grosses me out. Because of this I avoid eating and - as stupid as it sounds I’m well aware of that - I get scared to eat because I dont want to be miserable. I can tolerate everything fine but the smell is just awful! Speaking of awful I have the worst and most disgusting bad breath of my life!! No matter how much I brush my teeth and floss my mouth my family can smell me from down the hall. I feel so gross! If only I was loosing weight I’d accept it all but the kicker is I’m not losing any!! The first two weeks I lost 25lbs. Week 3 and four I lost 3lbs and since then (two weeks!!) I’ve been stalling. I’m so frustrated!!

What makes matters the absolute worst (sorry this is tmi) I can’t 💩!!!! I havent gone in 15 days!! I’m seeing a nutritionist, who has prescribed me stool softener but nothing happened. I’ll probably have to go back to the hospital over the weekend to get a stronger laxative (talked to the surgeon on the phone today). I didnt expect to have regular bowl movement as before but feeling constipated for two weeks is really no fun. I’m telling myself at least once that’s out maybe my weight will finally drop?

Some more context:

My surgeon’s plan calls for regular food after day 4. I didnt follow that guideline because it scared me and ate soft foods till aprox. week 5 focusing on my Protein intake. I weigh my food though I feel like I can eat a lot. So far I consume around 300-400kcal a day. I had to eat out once for work where I had bread with cheese. Other than that I’m very diligent with my diet. My Water intake could be better but I’m constantly sipping on water and cant get more down than 1 maybe 1 1/2L a day.

I feel like I’m being punished because I lost (and gained back) 100lbs three times before with very restrictive diets and my body is so used to “being starved” so it’s not playing along. I keep reminding myself my main goal isnt weight loss (though I need and want to) but to stop yoyo dieting in such excess.

It’s hardly comforting though because I’m really really frustrated. I’m sorry to be so negative! And I’m sorry I wrote so much but I need to get it off my chest. Have any of y’all had a similar hard beginning? Does it really get better? At this point I can’t imagine it

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Okay. Deep breath. Exhale. 'Nother deep breath. Exhale. One more. Exhale.

If you search these forums, you will find almost 20,000 posts on the infamous "three-week stall". That is exactly where you are, and sometimes it lasts a few weeks. Stay on your plan, stay OFF the friggin' scale except ONCE a week, and just be patient.

The constipation is almost certainly part of the issue, though you're not eating enough to really be backing stuff up. But you can go and get an enema at any drugstore; sometimes it just "packs" and you have to break the pack. (Gross, sorry, I know, but facts.) You're also almost certainly not getting much if any Fiber.

It does get better. One thing you might want to try (though who knows if it'll work for you) is INCREASING your food a little bit. I know it sucks, but anything helps. Soup. Tomato Soup. Cream soup. Whatever. Just increase calories to about 500-600, in concert with your nutritionist's guidance, and see if that moves things along.

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Agree with @vikingbeast. You need to take a big step back. You’re stressed & emotional which only enhances those cravings. You crave the foods which offered you comfort in the past & you crave the familiar of being able to eat what you want, when you want it. And the more you worry the more anxious you become. You may find a therapist who specialises in supporting bariatric patients very helpful. Ask your surgeon for a recommendation.

constipation is part of the journey. I tried to keep on top of mine by taking Benefibre at least every second day, keeping my Fluid intake up & taking a stool softener if I got to day 3 or 4 without movement. I also ate very mild instant rolled oats from purée stage. Took me days to eat a full serve but it was good fibre. You may need an enema since it’s been 15 days or a visit to the hospital for assistance. Being constipated does make it seem you’ve stopped losing or have gained. Get rid of it & your weight will be lower very quickly & you’ll feel much better.

Stalls are very common. They can last 1 - 3 weeks, sometimes more. And you can experience a number of them as you’re losing. The first usually occurs around week 3 give or take. You just have to ride them out. They’re just your body taking a time out to come to terms with your weight loss.

Changes to your sense of smell & taste are also common. They usually are temporary but how long it lasts is individual. Are there specific foods that upset you more you can avoid?

The strong body odour is from your body being in ketosis - fat burning. It’s like every bodily secretion reeks. It passes too. I took deodorant, toothbrush, tooth paste & mouth wash & body wipes to work for refreshes during the day.

I was someone who frequently skipped meals in an effort to lose weight (did that for 40+years) & tried all those very low calorie diets including one I did several times that was only 500 calories a day. I still lost all my weight & more.

Stick as close to your plan as you can. It may take you a little longer to reach a stage recommendation for calories, portion size &/or foods you can eat but that’s ok. You’ll get there.

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    • amazingmimi

      I feel like I've finally gotten past the biggest hurdle. Surgery date is September 6th, the day after Labor Day, and yesterday I got my insurance approval letter. I've followed everything they've told me to do, and I've even lost 30 lbs on my own since hubby had to change his diet for diabetes. No worries now about having to do 4 weeks of the liver shrinking diet instead of 2. On my initial visit, if I had gained just 5lbs I would have had to do 4 weeks. It's getting closer. Just 2 more months to wait.
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      1. NmMd

        Although the prep work took energy, I found the biggest hurdle was post-operative. The first 48 hrs were extremely uncomfortable. I did an overnight and trying to down the liquids, Tylenol, and especially the barium was rough. Thankfully though, I got away with only having to have 1 belly injection after surgery. Needless are not my thing.

    • Grace1234

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      1. SleeverSk

        Maybe post in the forums. It's a more active areaI have noticed no one replies to status updates

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      I have a surgery date! I am getting sleeved on 8/17/2022!
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    • Mudh8r

      How do you stay focused? I'm struggling a bit the past three days.  All I want is sweets and carbs.  I have no clue what changed but for some reason I'm craving hard.  I'm literally dreaming about food and when I wake up, I'm thinking about my next meal.  I'm not "hungry" but so munchy.  I'm trying to stay focused, busy, exercise and the likes but this looking struggle is getting to be so hard.  I meet with my nutritionist tomorrow and I'm so hopeful she has some advice.  My protein intake is great, liquids on point, even throwing in some raw veggies and berries to curb the sweet/carb craving.  Thoughts?
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      1. SleeverSk

        I am like this at the moment too, maybe post in the forums and not as your status update you will get more replies

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