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November 2019 surgery and tummy tuck included

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pictures are included so please be advised before hand I do include the surgery pictures just not to gross just the healed scars and all of what a fleur de lis Tummy Tuck looks like!!! 💢‼️‼️

Well it will soon be my 2 year anniversary for the gastric sleeve and let me tell you what kinda of world wind it has been! To this day if I eat more then 4 ounces of steak I can’t eat anything for the rest of the day since it feels stuck but so far I have been able to eat regular foods. My breads still have to be toasted to not get the tummy gurgles. My stomach talks to everyone especially at night so if I am in a night class and I haven’t smacked at my usually 4 hours it’s like “hey professor hear me answer you” so YES my stomach after I eat speaks to the whole room and after hours as well. The bathroom problem is still a problem so I can poop regularly for 2-3 days and after I’m stuck for 2 day with nothing unless I have a day full of meals then I am golden. I also had a fleur de lis tummy tuck back in January. And that itself was a mess and such a hard recovery which was worth it to fit into my clothes, just wish I didn’t have those hiccups.

food wise I have been eating a bit more from what I did in the beginning but never a full size normal plate always the little Cereal bowl. So I would say I can eat about a cup or so of food depending on the food heavy steaks only 4-5 ounces and some side dishes. But it’s always at 8 ounces max on good days and other day a bit more. I was seeing a nutritionist even at 2 years in and she had been amazing.

weight gain and loss : before my surgeries I was at 256lb after I lost 92 pounds, then after the tummy tuck they removed about 10lbs of skin from my mid section.
i was down to 147lbs in January of 2021 after the tummy tuck then now in November I have normalized to a regular weight of 154lbs -156lbs in all it had been a very very long journey and I would say for the most part I would do it again if given the opportunity.

now for the pictures guys it has been really really amazing to see me like this find me on Instagram ☺️ @aishas1992







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Wow, amazing story and pics! Congrats!

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You worked so hard and it shows, very inspiring!

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Congratulation. Keep up the good work.

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