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Mental hungry is serious and it is something I went through until understood it. I read a book called Bariatric Mindset Success by Kristian Lloyd and it help me understand how mental hunger wasn’t just me.
But, ask your self “is it pouch worthy?”
Now I think it was a good book. Check it out see what you think.

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10 hours ago, BDL58 said:

I find with me, it’s not so much the calories but the carbs that stalls my weight loss. How many carbs in the raisin bread?

18 grams - 7٪ & 2gram sugar

But I've stop eating bread & Pasta. I'm dwn to 199lbs. Following my stupid Dr's advice was throwing me off so I've bn talking to my friends that's had the GS & their ways bn working. My anxiety is up bcuz I hv an appt w him tomorrow. UUUUGH! I HATE his visits.

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