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Artificial Sweeteners

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Yet another study on the effects of artificial sweeteners. I like stevia/xylitol but when it’s not available I will use Splenda. The WLS & WL community *probably* consumes the second highest quantity of artificial sweeteners *probably* only surpassed by diabetics.

Journal reference:

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As you know I’ve been pretty anti artificial sweeteners for a while so thanks for this article to add to my argument against them (& from researchers from my alter mater too).

I also enjoyed the video from Dr Matthew Weiner about the negatives around sugar, alternative sugars & artificial sweeteners. (I started watching his videos after a recommendation from you too, @GreenTealael.)

Way at the bottom of this article it mentions how they make your body store fat: https://www.goodfood.com.au/good-health/diet-myths-busted-why-breakfast-is-not-the-most-important-meal-20210218-h1u35y

It’s just hard to avoid artificial sweeteners cause they’re in so many things. I try to avoid them where possible & try to limit how many foods I eat with them. I know they’re in my yoghurt, my Protein Bar & in a dressing I use but that’s really it.

Have a friend who goes on about the evil that is sugar but drinks litres of diet soft drinks & puts artificial sweeteners in everything. I think I may send her this article.

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