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Painful Bowel Movements

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I had my Sleeve surgery on 11/25/2020. I am writing to see if anyone has had this pain I had recently.

I had a bowl movement almost 10 days after surgery. It was somewhat painful but got through it. The next next weeks movement was more painful. It took 2 days to move all of it from in me. This weeks movement was the worst pain I have dealt with ever in my life!! It was like passing rocks!

I have never been so scared about hurting myself, like my suture inside or straining to hard.

I drank some Dulcolax and it didn't help. I drank a ton of fluids thinking that it might help, but sadly it did not. I had gas that I couldn't pass because it was even painful. I finally got some of the tiny rocks out and then some liquid poop and it burned horribly.

I finally soaked in a warm bath and that not only soothed my booty but it helped with passing gas.

I suffered for hours with the pain and not until the next morning did I pass all the "rocks".

I have started taking some Miralax powder in my smoothie and shakes, but I would like any other suggestions that would be helpful in the pain.


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chronic constipation is a common issue with WLS patients, both sleeve and RNY. Many of us take a capful of Miralax every day to keep on top of it. I also take 400 mg of magnesium every day. For the most part, this works, but I still get clogged up once or twice a month. When I do, a night or two of Milk of Magnesia will usually do the trick...

just find something that works for you - some people take daily stool softeners, some eat a few prunes every day. Some use something like "smooth move" tea. As long as it's something that is safe to take long-term and does the trick for you, you're good!

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