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100 pounds!!!!

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congrats!! what a fantastic milestone!! keep at it!

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17 hours ago, jami.1992 said:

Thank you everyone! I’ve kept my surgery a secret from a lot of people except for a few close friends and family members so it’s nice being able to be open and honest and having such a supportive group of people! ❤️

Look at you!!!! You look just wonderful and I know you feel so skinny! You did awesome work for real-you should be proud. You go!

I've learned there's some bias with the surgery as well but WTH! I'm 50 and proud of how much better I feel now! I do go on my normal media outlet with support of family and friends and keep only people I know well on it but get tons of support. However, they can get sick of seeing this old girl's photos everytime I've lost 20 lbs or get new sizes lol. For their sanity my cute pets are posted mostly instead lol. I also have friends who are still close to my beginning weight with really bad health problems that won't have the surgery who I want to be sensitive to.

Like many of the members here, I'm a bit older and had many health problems for the long term dieting and obesity that my life revolved around. My largest fear was the NAFLD stage 2 that prompted me to go ahead with the surgery. They said I had maybe 5 years before a liver transplant and would hit NASH. I had liver biopsies and fibroids with labs constantly. It was scary for my family and myself.

Now, I'm down 86 lbs (starting weight was just under 300 lbs) and getting close to my hundred lb loss too (ONEDERLAND!!!). I feel awesome and better, last labs and fibroid showed I am down to stage 1 with reversal showing! Man, I could care less what people thought; I plastered my saggy but skinny butt all over for my friends and family to see and all my neighbors have really been so supportive for how I look now lol.

You avoided all this by getting to where you are at and it was an awesome decision for you. This surgery adds years and gives your family a much longer time with you. You did amazing!!

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I have officially lost 100 pounds!!! I honestly never thought I’d be here!! I’m just so excited!!


Congratulations! I'm so doing this before and after pic too, what a fun idea! I just got told today that i qualify for the surgery so I have 6 months and 15 lbs to lose before I get my surgery. Fingers crossed that it works on me like it did for you.

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