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14 minutes ago, JuicyJenny said:

I’m 7 weeks post op and I’m bored with food. I’ve started to do Protein Shakes more often because I’m uninterested in eating. Has anyone else experienced this?

a lot of people lose their hunger and their interest in food for a few months after surgery. And unfortunately, for most of us, it comes roaring back - and that's when things get a lot harder. So enjoy it while you can - it'll never in your life be easier to lose weight than it will right now, when you don't give a flip about food.

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It's important to eat to plan, even if you don't feel inclined to do so.

First, eating to plan is healthier than not eating or not eating to plan.

It's almost impossible to not lose weight in the first few months. Whatever you do or don't do during this period is being connected in the deep, dark recesses of our mind to weight loss. Eat to plan, eat horrible foods, don't eat, over eat, whatever, it becomes what your mind associates with success.

You really want this connection to be with "eating to plan".

Make good choices now. Then it's easier to keep making good choices later.

Good luck,


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Still the same as you Have to set a alarm to force me to eat something - Love making High end shakes for meal repalcements have so many dried powders and fruits and Proteins with Pro Bo yogurt -

Glad as heck my hunger is not coming back

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