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First Dr’s Appointment! (Again 😅)

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Hey BariBabes!

My 1st Dr’s appointment is coming up soon (Next week) for a second go-round. I went through the VSG process once before 3 years ago (with my sister; she lost 102lbs then got preggo lol) but I was around 80lbs lighter and ultimately decided I could “do it on my own”.

*laughs hysterically at my own ignorance*

I was completely unprepared and ignorant of the decision I was making at the time. Granted, I was much lighter and in a totally different mental space. This time around feels...different . I hate making a big deal of big decisions because it negates much of the grit and grind necessary to accomplish the goal, but this group feels like a safe space. I’m also just serious this time about my health. I’m excited, nervous and READY. To change my life.

is anyone else in the pre-op stage or going through the process for the 2nd (3rd) time?

id love to chat and trade notes 🥰

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Welcome! 💕

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I thought I'd add a couple thoughts...

You probably made the right decision 3 years ago. Whether you did or didn't, here you are now, again with a decision before you.

Just because it was not the right time for you then does not mean that your choice was wrong. It certainly does not mean it was ignorant. Calling it ignorant may be wrong. Perhaps ignorant.

As you say, you were not prepared to make the commitment required. You were in a different place. You were clever enough to grasp that 3 years ago you weren't ready. Sure you may have failed to do it yourself, as do 95% of people. Something in you needed the final effort.

This time around it *IS* different. Obviously, you're three years further down the road. You are, in fact, in a very different place. You now have your sister's up close and personal experience. You've seen the commitment that is required. You've had 3 more years of learning.

You also understand more clearly what is expected of you. What your goals actually mean and require. You've been mentally preparing for how you would cope with the issues your sister has been dealing with. You now grasp the actual commitment you are making.

Your decision 3 years ago was a good decision. Here we are 3 years later. You've continued to learn and to grow. What you decided then takes nothing away from your decision now, rather it's all part of the same journey. It was a big decision then. It continues to be a big decision now. Don't belittle your process.

Now your are revisiting the choice to have WLS. As before you will consider everything. You may choose to have surgery or you may not. It will be your choice and it will be the right choice for you now.

We will be here for your either way.

Good luck again,


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