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September Sleever-Protein Help

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Hi Everyone,

I had the sleeve done on September 30th and it has been so hard for me to keep down the Protein requirements because I am always full. Two baby spoonfuls of tuna is about all I can manage. Anyone have any ideas to help me as I am trying to transition to the soft/purée food stage based on the goals my nutritionist gave me?

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Welcome to the forums.

I am not a sleever, but at your stage things are not that different as you are just working to get past surgery.

This may be tough for the first few weeks. Just keep doing as well as you possibly can. Keep pushing to do just a bit more, and eventually you'll get where you need to be.

Soft/Puree you will get tons of options. I pureed my favorite Proteins. Thai chicken, chicken alfredo (very light on the alfredo), Mongolian BBQ. It's amazing how they still taste great pureed.

Hopefully your Doc/Nut also gave you ideas and concepts of foods you should eat. Our Docs/Nuts may not agree with your Doc/Nuts, best to follow your plan.

Good Luck and keep plugging away.


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Thank you so much for your advice and I will continue to try daily and yes, definitely trying different options and will continue to try until I reach the goals. 😉

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