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Hi there
I'm a new user, posting from Perth, Western Australia ☺️
I considered weight loss surgery for 2 years and had consultations with 2 different surgeons, discussing gastric sleeve, endoscopic gastric sleeve and the balloon.
I was even booked in for surgery (VSG) over a year ago but was talked out of it by a friend who believed I would regret it and that I am not big enough.

Fast forward to September 3, 2020 and I was on the operating table, getting the MAGENSTRASSE & MILL procedure!
It's an option I did not previously know about. I couldn't find any information about this procedure on this forum, so thought I would post, incase anyone is interested ✌️

Magenstrasse & Mill is seen as the precursor of the gastric sleeve and was first performed in the 80's, in the UK.
It sounded a little barbaric and was open surgery at the time.
However, my surgeon here, Dr Alan Thomas, suggested it for me (as a low BMI patient) done in a safer method using modern equipment and technology (obviously!).

In my words, 80% of your stomach is sectioned off from the rest (mostly), creating a chamber, which due to physiology, can not be filled with food.< br /> NO PART OF THE STOMACH IS REMOVED!
For me and also for my family, who were against me getting any type of weight loss surgery, this felt reassuring.
Whilst not recommended, the procedure can be reversed. A traditional sleeve can be formed at some point too, if required but there should be no need because it is expected the weight loss results will be similar to the results you would get from VSG.
There are other benefits to this surgery that you can research if you wish.

The recovery time, scarring, restriction and diet recommendations are all the same as VSG.

I've copied some findings from a medical publication (NCBI) much better than my wording!
Our aim was to evolve a simpler, more physiological type of gastroplasty that would dispense with implanted foreign material such as bands and reservoirs. The Magenstrasse, or "street of the stomach", is a long narrow tube fashioned from the lesser curvature, which conveys food from the esophagus to the antral Mill. Normal antral grinding of solid food and antro-pyloro-duodenal regulation of gastric emptying and secretion are preserved.

The Magenstrasse and Mill procedure is the simplest and most physiological gastroplasty yet described. Many of the drawbacks of vertical banded gastroplasty, adjustable banding and gastric bypass are avoided. It is safe, has few side-effects and leads to major and durable weight losses, similar to those produced by other types of gastroplasty.

I'll try to check in and answer any questions. I hope this helps, as I couldn't find much information on this surgery and don't think many people in Australia have had it!

Tomorrow marks one month post-op. The weight is coming off very slowly but I'll use this forum for positive vibes and accountability :D


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Interesting... Have never heard of this one. Hope it works well for you! [emoji4]

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