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10 hours ago, chunkarella said:

I'm not trying to be a butthead, but these types of responses are so discouraging. I also posted about a 3 week stall and got a similar response and it sucked to hear that. I don't have a huge support system and this forum is the best that I have for now. Please be mindful of what you're posting to new people/people who just had surgery.

I can understand why one might interpret that response as unhelpful (like, "Ugh, THIS question again, go away!"), but I'm almost positive the intent is to reassure people that this is a very normal part of the WLS experience, and it happens to almost all WLS patients before they go on to lose lots and lots of weight. The fact that it is so incredibly common is probably the best way to reassure people that they aren't doing anything wrong and their surgery hasn't failed.

I've been hanging out here long enough that I knew to expect it, but if it hadn't been for this forum, I never would have known it was normal. My surgeon certainly didn't warn me to expect a stall within the first month.

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