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I did because I am a firm believer that when you are a patient in the hospital you need to ask questions and also never suffer unnecessary pain or discomfort if you don't have to. After surgery I did feel a lot of discomfort from gas that I could not release and nausea. I was given some over the counter stuff. I immediately got up and started walking to release gas but nothing but a small burp here and there. I kept walking every hour and nothing again. So, I asked the nurse to please call the doctor and see if there was anyway he could send me something else to help with the discomfort and nausea. I did have to have a debate with the nurse about it because she kept insisting that is what the doctor recommends and he gives all patients the same. I had to tell her nicely that I understood all that but that was not what I was asking her. I already knew what he had sent me and it wasn't working to well and if that is what he gives all patients then fine but I still want her to ask in case he can give me something stronger.You have to really be careful in the hospital because they are not feeling the discomfort and some don't want to go the extra mile. Guess what? TARA! Omg, whatever they gave me stopped not only the nausea asap but also relieved so much pressure. I was home free 2 and a half hours after surgery. I was in heaven! So, don't settle if you don't have to do so.

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