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19 hours ago, rjan said:

That's why it's a slider food - if you eat something with a lot of Fluid, it goes down much easier. If you're drinking with your meals, it kind of makes everything into slider food. That's why they tell you not to do it, not because it causes pain.

Since you're getting stomach pains with milk, could you be developing lactose intolerance? (That sometimes happens after WLS.)

Another possibility could be that the combination of Cereal and milk is causing you to swallow more air. When I swallow air, it feels pretty painful. I've learned how to pound on myself like burping a baby to relieve it. 😂

Yes, I have thought about the lactose. As I replied in another post, I do better on vegan any other dairy, so maybe it is the lactose in milk that is the issue. However I don't have the issue if I drink milk alone, although I can only drink about a sip of it😂. I am gonna test this out.

Air doesn't seem to cause so much issues for me painwise, I have drunk alot of energy drinks in the last few months to a point were that was my addiction. I kept burping and stuff, but it didn't hurt. Now I have been "on the wagon" for 3 weeks and noticing that my sense of fullness has come back with avenges, so maybe there is something in the carbonation-restriction after all.

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15 hours ago, MsMocie said:

Do you eat oats like a Cereal? Do you let it soak up before you eat it?

Yep, cook it up for porridge. I use the microwave sachets. Quick & in single serves. Can’t be bothered doing the whole soaking overnight & cooking up on the stove (though the steel cut oats are so tasty cooked the traditional way). Originally it took me three or four days to eat the ‘big bowl‘ serve sachets. Now the single serve is the perfect amount.

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