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The national sugar and feast day

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Tomorrow is 17th may, Norway's national day. For us, this is a pretty huge deal, and the day is celebrated all ovet the world by people that can't come home to join the celebrations. It also happens to be the day of the year were calories and sugar don't matter😂

This is my first time celebrating without 10 000 calories and so much sugar (and fat) that the blood sugar would work overtime. I have made the traditional foods, AND cakes, and much to my bith dislike and like - they are to heavy for me most of it (I have tasted)

We all get dressed up in our Bunad or nice attire, and my bunad fit me for the first time in ten years now😊. Most girls get their life-time bunad at confirmation at 15 years old, and they cost anywhere from 3000 dollars to 20 000 dollars.

We walk parades, the bands are playing, we have speaches, greetings by our king, sing and have a blast.

We have huge breakfastes, lunches and dinners. Most commonly is barbeque for dinner. There is champange, omelettes, hams, rolls, butter, cakes, as much ice cream as you want, cotton candy, hot dogs, waffles, popcorn, balloons, whistles and we all sing ja, vi elsker dette landet (translates to: yes, we love our country). We play games and charades, and the kids are allowed to make as much noise as they want.

There is fanfares, salutes and a sea of flowers and seremonies on important monuments. And it is a bank holiday as well. Nobody messes with 17th of may. Me either. That is why I used 3 kgs of sugar and 70 eggs 😂

And a cup of youghurt for me!







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Since it's only once a year, you should be safe to enjoy (responsibly 😬), Have fun!

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Gratulerer med dagen! Enjoy the day and celebrate!

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Thank you for sharing the details of your national day, wonderful to find out more about other cultures.

Sometimes just making those treats for other people is enough, we don't have to eat them ourselves lol

It sounds like a fun day, enjoy! :D

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