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"Bariatric" Vitamins

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This Vitamin thing is a pain in the ass - I consider myself a master of this and what you said above is exactly correct -
Key is to get balanced out and for me as you can see it takes me mixing and adding Vitamins to the multi vitamin.
I use fusion once daily but supplement the others with GNC 50 plus powder, Plus liquid vitamins. It took me a long time and many blood tests to get my program. I do not take all of these daily Some i only take once a week,


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You can take Iron with Calcium as long as calcium is 300mg or less. Once a day bariatric Vitamins have a common flaw. Your body can't absorb more than 500 mg of calcium at a time. Calcium should be taken in 3 or 4 times throughout the day. I am presurgery so taking Citracal Slo Release (1200 mg Calcium & 1000 IU D3). But after surgery cannot take Slo Release so exploring calcium options. chewables very chalky.

I like Bariatric Fusion which you take 4 times a day with both iron and 300 mg calcium. One big problem with fusion is it is missing Vitamin K. I could buy K2 drops from Amazon to add it to FUSION.

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