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Weight loss after gallstone removal?

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I had the gastric sleeve in June '18 and I've lost over 100 lbs (which is lovely) and gained gallstones (which is not!).

Since being diagnosed at the end of December last year, I've been following what the doctor calls a 'wait and see' policy and what I call a 'grin and bear it' policy. After a trip to the local Accident and Emergency department yesterday, I've decided to ask to have the gallbladder removed.

Of course, I've inevitably been googling how gallbladder removal can affect the course of weight loss. Some say it increases weight loss, some say the opposite. I suspect that it's all down to just eating the right food in the right quantities, but I thought I'd ask you guys.

Has anyone experienced this and how did it affect the continued course of your weight loss?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

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Interesting! I had mine out unexpectedly at the time of my bypass. I am not sure if it has affected my weight loss or not. Following.....

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So my gallbladder went out on me about two weeks after I had my sleeve, and I had it removed a month after my sleeve. I had stalled out completely on weight loss (To be fair, I was vomiting and not eating for almost two weeks while waiting to have my gallbladder out), but now I'm zooming along (though I hit an actual stall this week from no exercising- been recovering from surgery again. I'm looking forward to being able to exercise more than just walking soon!!!).

I have to eat low fat stuff now, so I am less likely to eat things that are worse for me. Honestly, I feel better than I have in months now that it's gone, and I am still losing pretty normally. Just hang in there. ❤️

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Thanks for replying!

I suppose that many people have their bariatric surgery and gallbladder removal at the same time, so there may be fewer people who have the two surgeries months apart - and therefore fewer people to answer my question.

The results of my googling have suggested a couple of theories....

The first theory suggests that the removal of the gallbladder means that fat is digested less efficiently, leading to weight loss.

The second theory suggests that the removal of the gallbladder leads to the removal of pain when fatty food is consumed, which consequently leads to the unconscious consumption of more fatty foods.

Both theories sound plausible.....

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Not removal of pain- I ate something that was too fatty and it not only hurt, but it caused some unpleasant consequences bathroom-wise. I have to stick to low fat now so I don't get what I have dubbed "grease butt." lol

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I had my gallbladder out about 8 weeks after my RNY. I don't feel like it slowed down my weight loss in any way.

I was just soooo glad to feel better after getting it out- that "wait and see" stuff is miserable!

(I do have to eat low fat now as others have mentioned, though.)

Good luck and feel better soon! :)

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