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How do you feel about peanut butter?

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Peanut Butter is my everything. I have it with fruit, I put it in smoothies, I make Protein balls out of it. That said, I stick with the natural kind. I wouldn’t touch the sugary American kind (as delicious as it is)!

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I wouldn't say I eat Peanut Butter regularly these days, but I don't avoid it either. If it's something I want, I just account for it in MFP and move on. And...I have been guilty of dipping a spoon and slowly enjoying the fruits of my labor.

I try to stay with natural peanut butter. "Regular" peanut butter like Jif and Skippy have added sugar. Besides, I've gotten used to the natural peanut butter and my fave (Jif) is now a little too creamy and sweet.

Current fave: apple wedges with peanut butter.

Past fave: my "Elvis" Protein Shake (vanilla shake with half a banana and 1tbsp peanut butter) A little high in calories, but worth it.

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