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Seriously, who are these people that freely make comments about your body

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On 12/6/2019 at 6:07 PM, Healthy_life2 said:

You are hilarious and twisted. Love it.

You are not the first person to call me twisted..... hehehe.... I like it

in 2001 i was working with a girl. She was very thin, I was not at my heaviest, but over 200lbs. She always wore very stylish clothes, but she would always have something to say about people's weight, myself included. You know the fat people are gross and lazy... She and i didn't get along. I had to leave that dept because one of us was going to die.... hehe... (for real). Fast forward to 2012 three years banded and looking amazing. I left that company in 2009 only weeks after my band. I was in the store and she came up to me and said, Hey Chris, how much weight have you lost..... I said..... looks like the 89lbs you found... I know it was not right.... but man at the time... it felt soooooo good to put her in her place.

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For some reason, I always seemed to be on the receiving end of unfiltered crap out of people's mouths! From "oh, why did you let yourself go like this?" (coming from a 300 lbs woman), to "thank God you lost that weight, I felt so bad for your husband!"and sooo much more, I could write a book!

I was younger back then and every word hurt so bad, but could never find my voice or even think of a comeback. I'm now older and could be very causticly sarcastic, I take no prisoners!!😉

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