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DS reaction to sugar

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1 hour ago, catwoman7 said:

no - RNY is different. It's a gastric (i.e., stomach) bypass - although a small part of the small intestine is bypassed with the RNY, too. The DS has a sleeve stomach + most of the small intestine bypassed.

converting from VSG (sleeve) to DS is very straightforward. VSG is essentially phase 1 of the DS - so you already have that. They'd just add the intestinal bypass part of it (phase 2) to do your DS.

conversion from RNY to DS is very complicated. They have to take down the RNY, then do a sleeve stomach, and then do the intestinal bypass. Not many surgeons do this surgery.

Thank you! Not sure I really understand this, but I'm going to see if I can watch some you tube videos tomorrow.

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12 hours ago, BoredCW said:

No problems. Just want to make sure that I communicated that from what I have been told and personal experience there is no dumping syndrome with DS surgery.

I did an experiment after my RNY to DS revision, I ate something that would have put me down garunteed for a half hour with dumping syndrome. Didn't happen.

I don't miss dumping syndrome. For me it was like an intense flu that came on hard and fast. Sweating, nausea, the works. Lasted for me about half and hour to a hour depending on what I ate and how much.

Now it just hurts to eat too much and the bowl thing is something I'm re-evaluating my diet and supplements to help with.

If OP is experiencing something similar to dumping syndrome, then probably should go talk to the surgeon asap.

Oh God no, you were clear, it was me only sharing half of what the ole brain was rambling on about ha!

I Think I have an DS and get dumping syndrome BUT I'm not the norm because I had a sleeve done 2 weeks before... So actually not sure if I have a DS or RNY, Will be asking surgeon 30th when I see him what I have ended up with!!

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On 9/21/2019 at 11:07 PM, CoramDeo said:

My wife had a rny about 9 years ago, and if she eats too much sugar, her blood sugar bottoms out and she gets the shakes and such. Is there a drastic reaction like this on the ds?

I had the duodenal switch two years ago. As far as my reaction to sugar, I would say it goes through me looser than other foods. For example, if I drink a soda, I can count on gas and very loose stools. It's not what I consider "dumping," as some people experience. Let's put it this way, if I want something sugary and it looks amazing, it's not enough of a deterrent to make me pass it up. Only my guilt would do that.

@BoredCWGood job with explaining the duodenal switch. I have found that I can eat pretty normal portions two years out, which means it still prevents me from overeating and helps me maintain my weight. On the plus side, I don't feel deprived.

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