Earlier, a friend and I were discussing the vital importance about one of the most important aspects (key ingredient) for long term WLS success: "getting the head work right" or "doing the head work." Doing the mental preparation pre-op, and continuing that foundation as a post-op Bariatric Pal is an often overlooked aspect of successful WLS. I can't tell you the number of times, that main tenet was repeated and reinforced by my RD and my surgeon--and in fact, is still at 15 months, being reinforced and reiterated--it's that important. We were given referrals to bariatric counselors, access to our RD, and access to our surgical team's surgeon and PA, both directly and through an online charting/communication platform, and also introduced to several local support groups and online support groups and given copious links to support information available online. So we felt very well supported and well educated/well versed on the subject. And yet...you know, recidivism happens. We just sometimes can't seem to keep ourselves focused on the long game and we opt instead for short term "rewards" punishments. (Yes! That's me I'm pointing an accusatory finger at!!!) Little did I realize how blessed I am to be part of my bariatric program until I really started participating in Bariatric Pal and read thread after thread about people who had ZERO clues about life as a post op (PO) Bariatric Pal. Holy cow! And not only that, but I routinely see (myself included in this group), people determined to make the choice most diametrically opposed to success--from a food standpoint, a head/emotional standpoint, and a lifestyle standpoint. It's just kinda fruit loops behavior. Right? I mean why would any of us CHOOSE to make decisions that would potentially jeopardize our longterm WLS success? And yet...here we are...we all make 'em! We all skirt the fine red line between compliance, and direct disobedience to direct doctors' and RDs' orders! And then not only that, but we staunchly stand in defiant defense of the protection of our position--and we TRULY believe that we don't have any consequence as a result of our choices! It's total cognitive dissonance. That is until you see the number of people return to BP asking for help on "how to start over" or how to lose their regain, or worse--how do they become successful at getting insurance to pay for revision surgery for a 2nd type or 3rd type of WLS! I saw this brilliant post by Dr. Tim Noakes and I wanted to use this thread to share it with you because it's very GOOD! I also hope we can use this thread to share important links to information that will lead people toward help in getting some assistance and support for their tools. Cuz if you use a screw driver to pound in a nail, it might be effective with great effort and for a temporary time, but the nail will eventually fail and you will probably break the handle on the screw driver, using it as a hammer. Whereas if you use the tool properly as it's intended and with the proper instructions, then you will have a join that can withstand great force and challenges of strength. For instance, maybe you use the screwdriver and use an actual long screw and use the tool properly to make the join--screwing the entire length of the screw through the join of two materials. The join using the screw will be very very strong and can withstand the test of time way better than a nail. So I'll start things off with posting the link to Dr. Noakes' article here. And will be back with some super online resources of where you can go to help you address the mental work that will allow you to "get the head work right." Please post your helpful links below!!! (I'll be back to post a couple other great places to go on "The Facebook" to get some help and education doing the headwork! Success Begins In The Mind (Live Better, Eat Better) https://thenoakesfoundation.org/news/blog/live-better-eat-better-success-begins-in-the-mind?fbclid=IwAR07h7r4e3ZzCDdxQdZKzoK7fdlCGYDLpJZBr8Xh_4zR0X3EFjyJyf2l3Ok