So...any advice? I'm leaning toward trying an ovo-lacto pescatarian diet. I'm six months post op next week. meats sit ok on my tummy but I don't like how I feel on such a meat heavy diet. I can only hold so much food so I feel like I get mostly meat and very little veg and fruit. I miss my plant based foods! I love fish and it never gives me issues. I'm a little worried about Protein intake. I've never done a diet like this before it just seems like it will make me feel good. I'm very accustomed to a low carb diet so this alone will raise the carbs I get just with the veggies and fruits. Any other vegetarian or pescatarian peeps post-vsg? I'd like to keep super processed foods to a minimum if possible. Sent from my Pixel 3 using BariatricPal mobile app