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I called my insurance they told me there requirements is a doctors recommendation.
They didn’t say anything on diet/weight/bmi.
Just it must be recommended by a doctor. I have an appointment soon to talk to my doctor. Is there anything else I should know or say?

I Don’t have diabetes/sleep apnea or weight related asthma issues.
I do have stage 3 hidradenitis & acid reflex issues my BMI is 38. Is a 38 BMI too low? My old insurance require an over 40 bmi.

with me having a chronic disease like HS I’ve heard it can get better from weight loss. Not cure it but definitely get better.
Could my doctor recommend weight loss surgery based off of Hidradenitis & acid reflex.
Has anyone gotten approval for those reasons? Or
That didn’t have the other 3 normal approval reasons?

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