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I am having surgery in 3 weeks and would love some reassurance

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I too, watched A LOT of YouTube videos and vlogs. And you are right many folks out there had problems. I actually expected some of these things to happen to me.
Nope. Not a one. If I eat too fast it is uncomfortable until it get down the pipe, lol.
I’m just guessing but I think we hear about the problems more and less about successes.
BTW I had the sleeve on May 30, 2018 and I’m 50.
You trust your surgeon which is great - I know there are many rules with food and measuring food and Vitamins and timing and amounts of Water, but you will get the hang of it in no time.
Plan your meals, take Snacks when you leave the house, log your food with any of the many apps out there. More Protein and less carbs and do your very best to eat food that is fresh and good for you ( I eat fish about 3 + days a week.
I wish you great success - you can do this!!

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