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34 minutes ago, CyndieRI said:
37 minutes ago, CyndieRI said:

Today is 12 years since my daughter died (at age 17) in a car accident. She died as the scene so she couldn’t be an organ donor, but I have been registered as one since before she died. Hugs to you!!

BTW - I was heavy when she died - but gained about 90lbs after. It was easy to “eat away” some of the grief. She would be so proud of me now - I’m down 63lbs since my highest weight and 25 since my sleeve on 10/10/18!

I am so very sorry for your loss, the grief must be unimaginable. And yes, I'm sure she'd be very proud that you've taken back control.

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Would you like a submission from the other side? And yes, there can be another side. To most things in life there are, you know!
To start out , I am a registered Organ Donor, did it when I regressed to State ID from a full Ohio Driver license and/or permit maybe 30 years ago. Late Lamented wouldn't allow me to drive HIS vehicles, a power trip for him so I went with the cheaper alternative. Remember I was raised to be deferential.
Don't know status on RD, one of the things she never shared with me, she has 2 daughters and a husband, let them decide.
Son #1 wanted to be an organ donor, from the time he read about it in Reader's Digest, he was. very Gung Ho. When he got his first State Identification at 18 he signed his intention on the forms and it was shown on all subsequent issues ever 3 years. When he died at 31 of an ascending aortic dissection I reminded the nurses and doctors on duty of his wishes only to be told he was unfit, unworthy, the inference was " We didn't want his stinking body" lest you think I am suggesting the antimosity, please believe me it WAS THERE. My son never smoked, drank , did drugs of any sort, keep his body extremely clean and probably died a virgin, I know he had planned to remain in that state until marriage. To say this brought me to grief is stating it mildly.
Fast forward 3and a half years to his father's death on the 4th of July 2012. This was another unexpected family death. After 45 minutes of being lied to, I know it was a lie because I saw his Death Certificate and the time of death was clearly stated, the nursing staff condesended to allow me to see my husband's body. First thing I did was to hold his cooking hand and gently stroke the IV wounds on his habd, the hand I had taken in marriage 44+ years. before. That's what you would do to a wounded child, sort of "I'm sorry Honey they hurt you" although I knew he was beyond caring or pain, I wanted to apologize still. I am standing there, still trying to cone to terms with the fact that I was now a Widow, my children no longer had an earthly father when my cell phone rings, now a few on Bariatric Pal have it, back then no one did, never even gave it to a doctor's office, let alone that poor excuse for a hospital,! It is some woman from Lifeline of Ohio wanting my husband's body for transplantation. Didn't even say " I am sorry for Your Loss" just " Can we have your husband's body for transplant?". Now I knew he was against this, adamantly against it, when I tried talk it over with him I got cut off within 6 breaths of trying.
I went over the list of organs
Heart- he had rheumatic fever at 6 years, definite valve damaging
Pancreas- diabetic , had been for multiple years
Kidneys- family history of polycystic kidney disease, attending doctor got in my face and started screaming in a baritone voice I should have brought him in for dialysis, how could I when I at that time was not aware of the diagnosis, kept his personal papers under lock and key, and although I came close to my nurses license I Saw No Signs of uremic comprimise, indeed what I saw was possible--- gastric cancer like his grandfather died of, but he refused to go to an appointment with my PCP.
Eyes- he had acute closed angle glaucoma, had laser scars on both corneas from treatments
Bones/bone narrows/ cartilage/tendons bones arthritic, rest pretty worn down with carrying around 350+ pounds. Oops forgot, only I was obese! He thought mentally he weighed 185 like High School! So what of value was left? It borders on whipping a dead horse, just LET HIM ALONE!
And then she says in a perky-little voice " Just Think, He can Live On!" No Lady, he is Dead , they didn't let me in to see him until almost an hour past death, that is past most prime harvesting times for Transplant Teams, by the time you would get to Mount Vernon from Columbus, another hour would have passed, and he would be approaching carrion status, I would not trust the Dingleberries at this so-called medical facility to cut my steak let alone harvest any organs. And HOW DID YOU GET THIS PHONE NUMBER, only 3 people had it and one of them is now dead. So don't tell me he will live on, HE IS DEAD DEAD DEAD!
And why did my John die in Mount Vernon? Because there was no time to get to Columbus, where there were decent hospitals and besides local EMS won't transport there unless Local"band aid station" gives permission. SO NOW YOU HAVE HEARD THE OTHER SUDE IF THIS SUBJECT!

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My son died at age 20 just over two years ago. I know he would have liked to donate his organs, but because he wasn't found soon enough and because in Western Australia suicide is a coroner's case we weren't able to donate. We weren't even able to see any more of his body but his face until after the autopsy.

I work in the cardiac department of a major teaching hospital in my city and see how many patients die waiting for a heart. My organ donation card has been signed and in my wallet since age 18 and my family knows my wishes. Everything that can be used I hope will be - from major organs to skin for grafts. And if nothing is suitable then I'm going to the UWA school of medicine for either research or teaching.

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On 11/16/2018 at 4:09 PM, elcee said:

In opt-out systems, organ donation will occur automatically unless a specific request is made before death for organs not to be taken.

@El Cee

the link to the article was great!! Thanx for posting - i totally agree with above

i never understand why a person has marked " on license plate "organ donor", yet

family has option to not want to donate or have to think about their decision,

in the meantime the organ, after a certain time period, is no longer viable😫

my feelings might be selfish for personal reason - I need a kidney 😔


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Proud organ donor 🙋🏼‍♀️
I encourage all that can, do the same

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