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Congrats! You'll do well. Don't over think. Drink drink drink and walk tons!!! Don't take too much to the hospital! You won't need it!

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37 minutes ago, Sheleybeth said:

Dr called - he had a cancellation for this Monday


Welcome to our group!!

Wow, how exciting. Great news. Head spinning?!!You were not prepared for early WLS.

You feeling excited, scared are very understandable. two common feelings by many OP

Make some food ahead of time for family - DH or children. Plans to take are of

children - or if none above apply - make plans for someone to check in on you.

Don't over buy Protein Shakes, any food etc. Your taste buds might change. What you like today you might not like PO.

Best of luck☺️


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Just to sorta second Fluffy Chix and the rest, you're not pack,i g for a cruise, I packed, unpacked , repacked and although I didn't think I over-packed, I still didn't use most of what I took. Instead of a cruise, it's more like a baby'sitting job in what you need. Hospitals usually can or will furnish what you might need. If you don't mind ugly you'll do fine. I think Ohio State patients gowns are so blamed UGLY you would be,laughed off a city street if you tried to escape. And I ❤and appreciate their skill and care of me but ***these are their tailors!😈👿👹👺and😰.

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2 hours ago, Sheleybeth said:

I was scheduled for the gastric sleeve procedure I’m December. Last night the Dr called and said he had a cancellation for this Monday, November 12. I’m very excited and very nervous. Any advice would be appreciated.

Wow that’s exciting! You’ll do great! I third what everyone’s saying about not taking much to the hospital! Get some clear Protein Drinks for afterwards because you’ll be sick of the super sweet and milky ones!

Good luck!

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I was super nervous too! Thought I was gonna die. You’ll be fine. They do this alllll the time! Good luck! Very happy for you!!

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    • SleeveinIL

      I'm struggling a little. My younger sister wants to go out to a buffet for Thanksgiving so no one has to cook and stress. While I appreciate her sentiment, I also don't want to pay $65 a head (4 ppl in my family) especially since I can't eat much AND buffets are so difficult to deal with overeating. I told my sister after thinking about it that buffets aren't okay for me. She seemed to understand, but was disappointed. Am I being selfish by not going along with the plan? I purchased a turkey to cook and I can make sides that are bariatric friendly. Sigh, this one is bothering me. I might be emotionally low right now because my dog passed away recently and that is contributing to my thinking.
      · 2 replies
      1. FluffyChix

        Sorry about your pup. That's a real grief you need to allow yourself to express.

        So $65 for each person is hefty. We couldn't afford that for TG for 4. But buffets don't freak me. I wouldn't even pay--just sneak a bite or two off a plate here or there. No biggie. But doing a restaurant or keeping food simple is also what works for most.

        Sorry you're having a tough time about the upcoming holiday. Remember, our joy will mostly be with being with those we love.

      2. Orchids&Dragons

        So sorry about the dog. It is so hard when they pass.

        Yes, that $65 is super steep. You'd really be paying $260 for 3 people to eat and you to watch. Yikes! And I'm sure they wouldn't let you in without paying. Maybe just beg your sis to put it off until next year when you might be able to enjoy it too? I mean, honestly, you've already got the darn turkey. You're still a work in progress and you sure don't want to throw up in the restaurant. Maybe thinking about it that way will help your sister understand. By next Thanksgiving, you'll be far more sure of what you can handle and what you can't.

        Good luck.

    • danieocean

      Stuck in a stall, been 237 for a few days. Sucks! But good news, I no longer fit in a 2XL leggings or shirts. Back to XL in shirts and leggings!!!  WOO!
      · 1 reply
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        Feels great, doesn't it? Congrats! And track those measurements! I'd rather see inches disappear than pounds any day!

    • GreenTealael

      · 3 replies
      1. Kay07

        yup I have snow incoming too... followed by freezing rain. Oh joy!

      2. AggiG

        Yep same thing here. Where are you at?

      3. GreenTealael


    • Kay07

      Oh my goodness... I am no longer obese. Holy freaking cow. I feel like this needs a celebration this weekend
      · 5 replies
      1. FluffyChix

        Yay!!!!! So happy for you!!

      2. GreenTealael

        🎉 Congrats 🎉

      3. Orchids&Dragons

        Isn't that just the best feeling ever!!! Congrats!

      4. KimTriesRNY

        That’s awesome! 💥

      5. Kay07

        Thank you all! It's a FANTASTIC feeling. I've still a long way to go, but I am truly loving every second of this journey!

    • Jazzy1125

      One Week Post Op today! I feel great and almost walking back to normal. I have learned in this short week to not drink your dinner protein shake at a constant sipping. I spent 30 min the last two nights trying to release the pressure in my chest. Lesson Learned! I am back down to Surgery Date Weight as of this morning, actually half a pound less. Now to look forward to actual losses LOL. I guess i had a lot of gas and liquids that are taking time to leave my body. Its all good, it will be gone eventually! I have no regrets, and take each day as it comes and look forward to the next stage next Thursday, and getting my stitches out on Tuesday.
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