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I can’t date overweight people

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11 minutes ago, sillykitty said:

I agree with @Sosewsue61, that finding a woman without children and who doesn't want children is by far a bigger hurdle than finding someone not obese.

He would have totally found this woman here. So we are out there.

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7 minutes ago, summerset said:

He would have totally found this woman here. So we are out there.

I'm in that category as well, so I know we exist. But I also know I am an exception.

Every time you add a criteria you are narrowing the funnel. The further outside the norm the criteria is, the more dramatically you shrink the potential dating pool.

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On 9/3/2018 at 3:13 PM, summerset said:

He would have totally found this woman here. So we are out there.

*high fives* right you are.

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On 9/2/2018 at 3:35 PM, ryan_86 said:

I’m just frustrated with dating. Two years after surgery I know I will always need to be vigilant to keep weight off. I can’t be with someone who struggles with food or isn’t active. I’ll get sucked right into their lifestyle.

It makes me feel shallow, even though I know it shouldn’t, and it limits the dating pool. I guess I didn’t have any expectations concerning relationships after weight loss, but I did/do have aspirations. I’m tired of being single, and when you exclude overweight women, single moms, women 8+ years older than you, people who don’t have their **** together, women who want kids, and people so into Jesus it’s in the first 15 words of their dating profile, it’s like trying to find a specific needle in a haystack-sized pile of needles. It’s frustrating and sometimes it hurts.

That’s my venting for the day. Off to find something enjoyable.

Just curious, you listed all your exclusions, what is it you are exactly looking for?

I know for me personally, I have set expectations or lists of what I want / don't want and rarely do we find that person. I think you have to look outside the box. Stating that you just can't date overweight people because of their possible eating habits is probably the wrong way to look at it. As a person who has always been heavy, I've ALWAYS watched what I eat and have always been active from kickboxing, gym, sports leagues and weekend hiking trips and unfortunately for me the weight just never came off. The best I ever got to was 169 and hovered in the 170's. I was a big girl but at the same time very active person who was health conscious.

Don't just look at the book cover, take a chance and open up the book and you may be surprised your soulmate may be out there.

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        Welome dorijae2018, there are lot of supportive people on the forums, if you have any questions many are only too happy to help

      2. Sosewsue61

        Welcome. We are pretty friendly most of the time. Use the spyglass search option at the top of the forum page to find specific topics. We all decide on the type of surgery based on our current personal health conditions, what we prefer our outcome to be, and research we do. Some prefer bypass because they have consistent GERD, or fear getting it, some want a little faster initial weight loss, or consider it the best standard in bariatrics. Others prefer the sleeve because they do not want malabsorption of vitamins - particularly iron, want their stomach to have the valve and vagus nerve stay intact, don't want a pouch that can stretch, and lose just a little slower over a longer time frame. The real outcomes for overall weight loss is not much different in either surgery at the 18 month mark. It is a very personal decision and don't let anyone make it for you. Read and read some more and ask your surgeon a lot of questions. Good luck.

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