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I want to take a moment and thank everyone who replied to my post!

First let me start with I have been so far in my head even my surgery date was off!! Its 2015 not 2014 and i am only 3 yrs out on the 15th! That being said.....

I ordered a bunch of Protein items and shakes I love, completely cut out all the CRAP that even remotely was touching my day to day routine both food and person wise - toxic people can be huge triggers!

I am proud to say I am 100% back on track with eating and getting my mind right! 5 days and made it through the headaches from the detox off any remaining small amounts of caffeine and am eating 1200 or less cals a day typically about 950-1000 and over 120 grams of protein~ Not hungry had a couple cravings but had good planning and healthier choices on hand which I know is key!

I have been walking a lot more and using my arc trainer and though I shouldn't have I did for haha's jump on the scale today and I am down over 6 lbs. I will stay off the scale except for 1 time a month and if I have a MD appointment I must we weighed at tell them I don't want the results told to me.

Most importantly hopefully very soon I will be back with a psychotherapist to further rectify my issues with eating! We all can do this and we all are important, and though the mental game we can play on ourselves is ROUGH, no one is a failure, as my grandma would have said when she was alive, *I haven't failed, I only found a way that isn't, wasn't, or didn't work for me! Now I must find a new way to have it happen the w2ay I want!* So these words have become a mini mantra for me!

I will find the way that works - so long as there is air in my lungs I will fight the best fight forward I can, and thank God for the humility to know when i have fallen and need some help I just might not be able to give myself at that time!

I will keep you all posted on my progress - If you private me I can provide you my FitBit name or My Fitness Pal link so we can encourage and help each other out! We all empower each other in our own ways, and some of us may take something from all anyone on this thread has said with out responding.


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Hi. I haven’t posted here in probably over a year or so but I came here looking for a post like this because I can relate completely. Same circumstances with me. I find what helps me is mindfulness and support from others. The more I have others checking in, the more it reminds me to stay mindful. I’d welcome a few others who want to be a support team for each other and I’d be up for doing it they MyFitnessPal. Chunky, I’ll PM you. Thanks

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Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated this thread. I got VSG in 2012, and like others, the weight FLEW off. I quickly lost about 50 lbs and in the 6(!?!?) years since, have gained 35 of it back. I never addressed the mental issues enough, similar to a few posters on this thread. I didn't mentally address why I turn to food for comfort, stress, you name it, and after you're able to eat more after year 1 or 2, the habits just crept back and here we are.

The post-surgery glow of physically not being able to eat as much quickly goes away, and I'm so determined to redo this.

Would love to support you and anyone else who has also regained to be in it, and accountable, together.

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So glad to have read this thread. So grateful for your candid heartfelt posting Birdie. My take away from this is yes, I’ve had the surgery (Aug 23 2018) and I’m hearing that I need counselling and a support group. I will see what is available here in Calgary.

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@Lynn Cannon Thank you! So smart to do that early, now, and while you are on a great wave of loss! I’m excited for you.

Tbh, looking back - I wish I had selected a hospital that had a more robust and consistent support staff beyond just the qualifications of the l surgeon and that included the nutritionist and support group. I know now that there were other hospitals that offered stronger support staff and programs and I underestimated how 360 of an assessment it really requires. I’m sure all of us have had years, if not lifelong, struggles with weight/eating/coping and the fast pace and seeming ease with which the weight flies off can be incredibly blinding and gave me such superficial highs that i still wasn’t addressing all that i should to ensure success beyond those first two years.

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    • SleeveinIL

      Saw the surgeon yesterday. He is very pleased with my loss thus far. I am averaging about 10 lbs a month. Turns out my nutritionist and my surgeon have vastly differing ideas on how many calories I should be eating right now. Nut put me on 1K a day. Surgeon said nope, they are wrong, go to 800/day. Too bad I have been following what the Nut advised. I could have lost more weight already. Oh well, I will do it now! I am also going to add another day of working out to help break this stall I have been in since 8/28. I am very happy as this week I was able to get into a size XL shirt and I am wavering on pants sizes, but I am wearing a lot of size 18 that are too big or are getting too big. The inches are still dropping off nicely. I saw my parents for the first time after a long time this past weekend (they live out of state) and my Dad who never says anything gave me some super nice compliments. My sister also did...her words as we were trekking through the airport on a long upward ramp were along the lines of "Before the mind was willing but the body wasn't. Now your mind and body are in sync. Before we would have had to have stopped at least once and now you aren't even phased by this." What a great thing to have someone recognize. 
      · 1 reply
      1. AshAsh1

        I was there yesterday too! My appointment was at 1:30pm. And its crazy that they told you 800 calories per day, when they told me 1k yesterday, but I've got my own agenda lol.

    • CrankyMagpie

      Had my final pre-op appointment today. Next Wednesday my liquid diet starts. It's getting real.
      · 2 replies
      1. Orchids&Dragons

        You'll do great! I've got faith in you!

      2. SleeveinIL

        It got real for me about day 4 of the liquid pre-op diet! LOL You will do great. You've got this.

    • Shannon lee

      Has anyone reading this lied about your weight just to get the surgery done?
      · 4 replies
      1. skinnylife

        The surgeons office will weigh you pre authorization for surgery. How do you lie?

      2. MargoCL

        How can you lie, like @skinnylife stated they weigh you at the surgeon's office and throughout each of your pre-op steps. There is no lying in this, everything is documented, double checked, etc.

      3. Coachthex32

        I had to gain 20 lbs. Makes no sense. High Blood Pressure, almost diabetic, and sleep issues (stop breathing in the night).

      4. Leia

        I dont think I could have if I wanted to, they'd been weighing me regularly for 6+ months before the surgery, and then again the day of.

    • Lucy81

       I don't know what to do for my birthday being that I just had weight loss surgery I know that I have a lot to be grateful for
      · 1 reply
      1. iattcom

        What would you normally do?

        Instead of planning a meal, what about an activity that you enjoy.

        If the weather is nice, plan a picnic and explain that you are not eating and will not be providing a cake instead if you wanted you could have birdseed bags that people could use to feed the birds or the ducks in a pond at the park where the picnic would be held. Everyone could bring their own lunch if they wanted to attend and you would only have to make little birdseed bags.

        If nature walks are more your style, do something along those lines and just let everyone know that for your birthday you are planning an activity and not a party. There will be no cake and ice cream if that is what they are looking for, they can just stay home.

        You could ask your friends to join you in a day of caring and you could all volunteer together somewhere either serving at a soup kitchen, helping at a shelter or a children's center or even a senior center.

    • GreenTealael

      I managed to finally break my old school manual Italian espresso maker... Is this a sign? 
      · 2 replies
      1. abefroman329

        Of what?

      2. GreenTealael

        Of what indeed. I thought at first I should give up coffee, nonsense.h Then I thought I should go out for coffee with friends more. Then I thought I should go to Italy for coffee with friends and get a new maker...

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