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    • Simply_Sleeved

      Hi guys I'm so glad I found this page.  I'm having VSG this spring and could use all the support I can get!!!
      I'm documenting my journey on youtube, if you are interested in supporting and following my journey click the link posted. 
      I'm trying to find support groups and do this journey via youtube because my family is super small and close minded so I  literally have my husband and children's support only.

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    • Krestel

      First head cold since the surgery....at least I know that my body is back to "normal". /sigh
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      Dietitian scheduled 11/18
      Mental Evaluation scheduled 11/18
      OMG we moving forward
      All things working toward my Dec 9th surgery date!

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    • Krestel

      Me: Hey Siri, Is it raining outside? (for my morning walks with the dogs)
      Siri: I don't think it's raining at the moment.
      Wet Dogs: Then why are we wet? This damn Siri person is more stupid than we are.
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    • Billy Bob  »  lvidacovich

      Drink Muscle Milk. lol  Gt 60 to 90 gm quality Protein & daily vitimins, good sleep, walking & resistant ( weight /bands/squats ) You absolutely build muscle. 
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