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Anyone used Dr. Alper Celik in Istanbul?

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I am an obesity patient. I have already tried many natural ways to lose body fat but not getting susses. Finally, I decided to check-up a good doctor and my friend suggest me, PROF. DR. ALPER ÇELIK in Istanbul. I am going to book an appointment at Metabolic Surgery Clinic.

Has anyone visited this clinic or DR. ALPER ÇELIK? I need your suggestions.

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I have not yet used Dr Apler Celik yet, but I am already booked to have metabolic surgery done by him in July 2018. I am not sure when you intend to be there, but if you are going after me, I would be happy to provide you a review of my experience.

And if you are going before me, please let me know of your experience.


Howard Hancock

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Posted (edited)

On 4/10/2018 at 11:05 PM, Howard H said:

Dear Howard, my dad is interested to Prof. Apler Celik treatment. Did you do the surgery in the past july? could you please give us a review?

We are from italy and we are evaluating the treatment.

Thanks a lot


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I am so sorry that I have not been on this website for over a year. But yes, I did have my surgery with DR. Celik in Istanbul last year, and it was a complete success!! I am off of all of my diabetes medicines, and am just slightly out of normal A1c range. (I am at 5.9)

Also, my weight, cholesterol, and triglycerides have all come down to very healthy levels.

While I do still try to eat healthy, I do not have any diet restrictions, and I feel great!

I recommend DR Celik and this procedure with all of my heart.

Good luck

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