Things I didn't think of after sleeve.

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When I saw my surgeon, he told me it wasn't if but when he would get my band. He said I would eventually have to get rid of it and he thought it was better to plan it then end up in the emergency room.

Regarding giving up foods. I did well with the lapland and ate all things in moderation.

I plan on doing the same thing with the sleeve. Of course, I will be checking my Protein. My surgeon didn't say I couldn't, but said if something is a problem for me and starts affecting my success that I would need to rethink that. I am retired and my husband I travel a lot. I enjoy the social aspect, but, always share meals and only eat part of it. I don't indulge like I did before the lapland. I plan on handling the sleeve the same way. Naturally, if I see, it is leading to trouble I will regroup and start a new plan. For me, NEVER and NO with food, send me down a path of no turning back. As long as I know I can if I want, somehow, I don't want as much and don't eat it.

Beset of luck to you

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