What foods and ingredients can't you live without?

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3 hours ago, sc101071 said:

I eat the same things all of the time. chicken tenderloins and steamed broccoli. Dannon fit and lite. I make a great vegetarian chili. Sometimes I will eats whatever at a restaurant if we go out but just lost interest in food when I had the surgery.

Oh how well I can relate!! I am almost 4 years out and food just doesn't excite me!! I'm not complaining because THAT has helped me reach my goal weight. In fact I went below my goal weight. I weighed 117#'s but gained back 8#'s, which I have maintained for over 3 years. Life is great!! But for myself I would rather drink my coffee than eat any food. Unless it was junk food. LOL

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I don't eat yogurt, all of it has too much sugar, the nutritional value doesn't make sense.

I will never allow Peanut Butter back in my house. Too calorie dense, too little nutritional value and too easy to snack on. PB2 is no better it has sugar. I was buying pure peanut butter powder but my local grocery stopped selling it, and I haven't bothered to order more.

coffee ( I live off Coffee)

Hot Sauce

Penzey's Spices (lots of sugar free high quality spice mixes, most store brands have carbs)

Flavor God spices

EatMeGuiltFree Brownies (everything else they sell has bad macros I like the blondies)

Halo Top Ice, haven't purchased any in about 6 to 9 months but I like it

A White fish you like

Stevita Stevia in liquid (only sweetener I will use)

Water Drops Stevia

always keep a Protein Bar in my purse.

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17 hours ago, OutsideMatchInside said:

...Hot Sauce...

This. I love highly seasoned food. None or hardly any salt is needed if it's seasoned right! I'm starting my first ever garden and peppers are high on the list!

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Fresh veggies, Fish, Bio Chem Protein Powder, legumes, chicken, roast, eggs, apples, clementines, nuts ( with shell ) decaf tea, Perrier, beef Jerky.

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