Anyone lost 1/2 the weight and then can't loose more?

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I started my weight at 229 and dropped down to 194 in the first 7 months and im 1 year and months in and im back up to 210. This is so frustrating and im even more embarrassed that i had the surgery and haven't lost much. I even hired a trainer and paid him about $800 for 4 months and still didn't lose anything. What's wrong with so stressed and emotional over another failed attempt to lose weight and be healthy. I need motivational advise....hopefully im not along

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I had my gastric sleeve surgery on 8/7/17. My starting weight was 225. I lost 20 pounds in the first four weeks, and five in the following two and a half weeks.

I know I need to change it up. I'm consistently eating under 800 calories a day, but I haven't started exercising (it's tricky because I have chronic fatigue), and I get most of my calories late in the day, right up until bedtime.

The thing is, that 25 pound loss moved me from practically disabled to relatively normal. Even if I never lost another pound, I feel so much better and I'm so glad that I had the surgery. That 25 pounds has made a huge difference in my life and mobility and health. I'll be disappointed if I don't lose more, but I can live with this.

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9 hours ago, Finding Erika said:

berry - you are so positive! It's infectious! Thanks :) I'm actually 5'4" so my goal (according to my surgeon) is 130- so 55 lbs is actually only 50% of my total I needed to lose - (240 to 130)- 50% is awesome- I'm so grateful- but I need to get down further to be in a healthy range

I'm not sure why your surgeon chose 130 as your goal. At 145 you would be into a "normal BMI", and the top part of that range is where we usually calculate from. So, if we were to use 145, then losing 55 pounds is 60% of your excess weight, which is still within the "average range".. which is 60% to 73%.

It, hopefully, is nice to know that you ARE within an average range.. but don't forget, the surgery might only do the 60-73%, but if you don't like what you see in the mirror, it's all up to you! (It's just too bad the set point thing is so powerful, otherwise it wouldn't be a trouble at all!).

Losing 55lbs is truly amazing, and that's part of what I want you to sit and think about.. how wonderful it is that you've come so far! The glass is half full/empty thing can really affect our PERCEPTIONS of our journeys... and that's just as important as any numbers on a scale.

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