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Post Opperation 9years on/MALNOURISHED..

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Hi my name is Leeanne

My story is not to put any one off just more of advice and awareness on after life problems can accrue after first 5years its apparently more common in woman than men.

I had the by pass back in 2009 lived a normal healthy life after the operation. But in 2015 that's when I just became ill Malabsorption correct name for what was going on with me. I don't regret the operation because I lost 13 stones and regained my life back and have kept every pond off. I just wish I was educated more on nutrition health and well being I new what was good foods were . I did eat right was active. My body in the end rejected the nutrients from foods it was my intestine that wouldn't absolve goodness caused me a lot of damage 2years on and I only just found something which works for my body and pumps it with pure natural nutrition and it is not prescribed drugs this something world wide and next best thing to fruit and veggies these supplements better than any Vitamin.

(Few of many health nightmare’s i faced)

1.) Internal hernia removed by emergency operation
2) Suffered adhesions in the abdomen area scar tissue sticking around organs. E/OPP
3.)3rd bowel obstruction twisted and blocked/ 50% chance waking up with a bag

(And now what I am left with)
Malnourished, vitamin deficiency/ ongoing illnesses….

Chronic leg pain
Lung Fluid
Acid refluxes
Blurred vision not permanent / not enough Vitamin A
Lack of Thiamin
Folic acid
Vitamin A, B, C, D, K
low albumin levels/no Protein in blood cells/THEY LEAK Fluid INSTEAD.

(Prescribed medications I now take.)
Morphine liquid medicine
Asthma pumps
Nebulizer machine
B12 Injections
VitaminD3 Injections
2Kcal shake/source of protein
Was placed for/home treatment as well as hospital treatments did not work as great as we hoped it would back in 2015 for 12 months was removed in 2016 didn’t work.

(6 Weeks on JP capsules and shakes)

hair, nail growth
Increased energy
Reduced pain relief
Improved blood results
Vitamin B, A, C improvement
Copper increase
Albumin level increase
Depression tablet cut down by half
Protein increase
Better sleep
Better concentrations
Healthier teeth

Making awareness Is my aim but now I make nutrition a passion and my mission with the products I now take I 110 per cent have all my faith in the supplements' take.. So much support is offered.

This one of my before and after pictures I was fed by a tube for over a year was scary at the time but I feel me again now on the right.

new me.jpg

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I am sorry that you went through these difficulties. But I am a little confused. Are you saying that you are following the daily requirements for Vitamins, Protein and fluids and ran into these problems?

After RNY gastric bypass surgery, you are required to take many vitamins for the rest of your life. This is because you body no longer synthesizes vitamins from food. That part of your stomach has been cut away, so this daily requirement is extremely important. Vitamin chemistry is important for absorption. Calcium supplements should be calcium citrate. There are also different chemistries of B12. I use the sublingual B12 and was told to use methylcobalamin. You cannot use a time-release version of B12. If you are taking Iron supplements, it must be ferrous sulfate for the best absorption. gummy vitamins are not absorbed properly and should be avoided.

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God bless you always! You are a true warrior! I am one year out and I feel amazing! I wouldn't imagine what you've been through and are still going through. Have Faith in God always! He will help you throughout.
God bless you and your family! Best of luck and keep us updated. [emoji1317][emoji173]️[emoji471]🥇[emoji966][emoji954][emoji471]

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Hi thank u for ur kind words. I lived a healthy life first 7years Vitamins was my priority everyday I was prescribed them I was just unlucky 2 of became so I'll my intestine just would not absolve them my body just past them through the internal hernia was alot 2do with my problem was growing 4 awhile an I couldn't even feel it untill the obstruction became really bad but the supplements I now take have turned my health around because there next best thing to fruit and veggies nothing else seemed to work even transfusions and a feeding tube didn't work long term..but i am totally getting back to good health i now work along side the product I take it as became my passion 😀


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How dear you make such a comment pictures don't lie you know nothing about me or what i have been through past 2years so keep ur bad fibes 2ur self and I am not trying sell anything I am saying what improved my health have not once approach anyone on here 2sell the product I take !!

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I take it and now work along side people 2help those who are in need of advice and support. Havnt once personally approched any1 or tryed 2sell anything lol I was a seriousely I'll person so supplements I take do improve peoples health in same boat as me nothing wrong in showing people there are other things out there 2help. 😊

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There you go is being fed through a tube enough proof So don't tell me I am some sort scam!!

Didn't say anything about your situation, simply saying you're trying to get people to buy this. Are you getting some sort of kick back?

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