Band deflated after 8 years

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I was banded in 2009. I lost 127lbs at my lowest and 5lb below my goal weight. I also had a personal trainer and started to run, training for a half marathon. During this time I got pregnant with my second child and I had my band deflated. I gained 90lb in 9mo. After I was finished with breast feeding(need nutrition to make milk) I had my band inflated back to 5cc in a 10cc band. Almost 2 years later ( lost 80 of the 90 gain)I started having a sore throat that lasted for months and lost my voice. After many trips to ENT and other doctors we discovered I had chronic reflux. I also had a barium swallow(which I get once a year) and it showed dilated esophagus. My doctor decided to deflate my band. It has been deflated for 6weeks and I have gained 10lb already. Not even sure if it has helped my reflux. I am very concerned.

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