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5 hours ago, Nurseygirl said:

Does Dr. Illan do the VSG revision duodenal switch surgery?

Yes he does... You can visit our website for information.


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I have had a very interesting journey and it continues. I had s lap band done in 2008 in Tijuana Mx by Dr Corvala. That experience was better than the ones I’ve had in the states. I am a nurse, so when I say it was very impressive, it was one where I would consider having other procedure in the future. Over 7 years I had fills and un-fills because I could not tolerate a lot of fills and it got to where I had no fill for a couple of years... needless to say, I could no longer tolerate the fills anymore and went through my next surgery in 2014, through my insurance where I had my lap band removed and a VGS done. I only lost 50lbs in 6 months, despite my working out (I found a love for spinning) and eating small meals and drinking my Premier Protein shakes. My weigh got down to 195lbs from my surgery weight of 252 lbs...
today I am 4 years post VSG. I weigh 252lbs gaining my weight back. I went to my insurance and asked to be evaluated for surgery to add the malabsorption to my VSG, I asked to see my surgeon that did my VSG because in my initial consultation we discussed doing a lap band removal and a gastric bypass. He talked me in to the VSG say that if needs to add the malabsorption to my VSG by converting to a Gastric bypass or DS. Long story short, I had a UGI series recently showed her I have not stretched my sleeve and he recommends me going back to square diet wise to loose the weight.
So I have gained weight because, I had to stop working out due to chronic plantar fasciitis and a new diagnosis of fibromyalgia... I still eat mostly Proteins because it makes my stomach feel so much better. I need to go back to drinking more Water, but I feel like a failure despite my efforts. I do 5k walk runs when I can(I have very active friends and I enjoy doing these with them) but now these days, it’s very difficult.. now my planter fascitiis is better, I am having problems with my knees and having to get shots in them...

So I believe if I had that malabsorption component to my surgery, as a tool: it would help me loose weight and keep it off so I can work out..

I am feeling like I do not want to deal with the bureaucratic issues with my insurance , so I’m thinking about going back to Mexico. I am researching currently a surgeon who can do the 2nd stage Duodenal Switch. I see people talking about Dr Illano but I don’t get the impression that he does a lot of these. There is a Dr Ungson in Mexicali who did them more often than most bariatric surgeon, but no longer works for the bariatric center, due to him taking on a job with the government. I heard Dr. Esquerra in Mexicali learned under Dr Ungson does them just as often.
Has anyone had a duodenal switch or VSG revision with any of these physicians I just mentioned?

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Yes, I am sorry but your companion needs to be at least 18 years old.

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      I am so HAPPY TODAY.... I am just 4 pounds away from my all time GOAL.  I reached my goal within 8 MONTHS!!!!!  GOING FROM 245 TO 135... YES!!!!!
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      This is completely unreal but two days in a row now I have seen less than 200 pounds on the scale for the first time in over 15 years. I am a pound away from my first goal of 199 at 13.5 months post op. Time to set a new goal for the New Year!

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      Soon? CONGRATS 💜
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    • cell

      hello all i have a question i have cigna and i called them personally to ask if they cover the weight loss surgery and they told me off the bat that they do not cover weight loss surgery. my question is should i have my dr submit something in writing? 
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      1. Sophie7713

        Yes, continue to fight this with Cigna! Ask what process they require for a possible review of your case? Ask your surgeon and his team to help you clarify and challenge.

        Since weight loss surgery has gained more popularity and momentum - Cigna from our experience is playing games with their patients who wish to get healthier. It is egregious that Cigna would rather pay for someone's weight related heart attack, hernia, diabetes, sleep apnea and/or other costly conditions then being pro-active! As for ourselves, we tired of jumping thru they're hoops putting off my surgery until April or May 2019 with continued ridiculous, redundant requests. Yet, we know of a colleague where Cigna was cooperative and approved without a hitch.

        Because I needed weight relief off my injured left knee when exercise and dieting were no longer effective... We made the decision to self pay and get on the road to self restoration sooner than later. I wanted to start my new year with a hope and future. For us, the Cigna mill was becoming just to stressful. And, we hold a premium policy with a reputable international corporation. They refuse to pay for vitamin regime now, too.

        Your Cigna story may be better. Not to discourage you - you may or may not have a fight. It is your health and worth fighting for. Do let me know what transpires, will you? Many best wishes for a very positive outcome.

      2. GradyCat

        I don't know anything specifically about Cigna, but maybe they were thinking about the cosmetic kind. Maybe you should have said "bariatric surgery" or asked specifically about their benefits for medically necessary bariatric surgery? I got lucky and my insurance had very good coverage and benefits for WLS and I was approved on the first request. Out of $50,000 billed for the surgery I only had to pay $600.00.

    • GreenTealael

      💜💜💜Day 14, join us!!! 💜💜💜
      ❤❤January 2019 Challenge❤❤
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