Help I'm gaining! How did you change your relationship with food?

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I think the good thing is that you know you have gained and that you realize you still have an unhealthy relationship with food. I don't know what this means for you. For me, I used to eat when I was happy, sad, excited, anxious, you name it. Food was my emotional crutch. I am now over 2 years out from surgery, been under goal weight for over a year. I am now pregnant which I do have a small concern of gaining weight, but I am working with my NUT to help with diet.

Your question is how to heal the mental part. Well, I will tell you that it is easier to control the physical part, at least at first. Go back to basics...log EVERYTHING, Portion Control everything, make sure to get Protein and Water, etc. You know the drill. Also, find something you really like to do. After I got to goal weight I started running. I have run 4 half marathons in the past 6 months. Have to stop right now due to growing a baby, but I still walk everyday, go to zumba class, and do weight training.

As for the head part. Find a good friend, therapist...someone you can really talk to. I have found that food no longer holds the temptation it once did. I still get excited for food, but when I am full, I am just done. I spend my time enjoying life not having life pass me by. I found a love of sewing, crafting, soap making, and spending time with family.

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On 6/4/2015 at 10:34 AM, Beachbum2017 said:

I have to stay 900 calories or under or I gain. Doesn't matter that it's good healthy food that we are supposed to eat - if I go over 900 (I'm talking like 1100 or 1200) - I gain weight and it comes back very quickly. I've decided that I've messed up my metabolism so bad it doesn't know what the heck is going on. But if I gain a few lbs - I go back on 2 Protein shakes and 1 meal a day until it disappears. I never did reach goal - lost really well for 8 months and then it stopped - totally. I track everything on my fitness pal and doctor and nutritionist say that this is just the way it is for some people. Very discouraging sometimes but at least I know what to do now!! I'm almost 2 years out.

I am exactly like you! I go over 900 calories and I gain weight and it comes on very fast! I actually was sticking to around 600 to 800 calories, was doing great, losing and maintaining nice until a friend was talking to me about eating. I mentioned what I eat and immediately got the "you're eating too little, you're starving your body, eat more!" lecture. So I bumped up to 1200, and WHAM! in a few months, I have packed on nearly fifteen pounds. I saw my weight loss surgery team for my eighteen month post surgical exam and talk to my doctor about it. She said that more and more studies are coming out that people don't need as much calories as they previously thought. Everyone is different. I told her of my issues and she said that she would be comfortable with me eating in the 900-1000 calories range, but if that was too much, and I was not losing/gaining again, go back to my 600-800 range. So now I am struggling to lose this regain, even those I am still at a normal weight for my height, my clothes are tight, I look bloated, and I am miserable. I am 5'7" and maintained around 130lb-135lb, now I am pushing 150lb. No longer listening to others, working on getting back on track... solid Protein, green leafy produce, and Water. I measure and weigh my food, making sure to keep my meals between 6oz to 8oz.

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